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Nature's Logic
Nature's Logic Venison Dry Dog Food

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Nature's Logic Venison is pricey but worth it


Venison is probably one of the more unique proteins that you'll find in commercial dog food, but if you think about it, it's likely to be the closest to what our dog's ancestors ate in the wild. The Venison formula uses millet as the grain (no corn, wheat, soy, etc), and has a combination of venison and lamb as the major proteins. There is a touch of chicken fat and chicken liver, which may or may not be an issue for dogs with chicken allergies. Like the rest of the Nature's Logic line, the vitamins and minerals are added in natural form, rather than being the chemically synthesized versions added to most other dog foods. The only drawback I've seen for my dogs is that initially their stools became a bit firmer on the Venison formula (which they didn't need to be), although not nearly as much as on the Beef formula. Now, I just add a little water to the food before serving and have had not problems. Also, of the five flavors in the line, this one is the most expensive, so I do use it less as I rotate through flavors.

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Nature's Logic Venison Dry Dog Food

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