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Nature Babycare
Nature Babycare Sensitive Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

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Nature babycare wipes aren't as good as the diapers.


The only good thing about the wipes is the absence of chemicals and perfumes and that they are biodegradable. But you can get that with other brands. These wipes are just too thin. It's not worth the price because you have to use twice as many. It's a pain.

Duncan, OK


Good wipes if you want to be eco-friendly


These wipes are biodegradable, contain aloe vera, 100% chlorine free , hypoallergenic, perfume free, and it's packaging is based on natural and renewable materials.  That's enough for me - almost. I want to be ecofriendly, but I also want a good product at a good price.  These wipes certainly fit the bill.  The wipes are strong, soft yet gentle on my baby's behind.  They don't leave any funny smelly residue on her bum.  The wipes have never torn during use, are just the right dampness and can remove all sorts of ick from her diaper area.  I also feel good about using them to clean up her face and hands after dinner because of the natural ingredients.  Goodness knows as soon as I clean up her hands, she sticks them in her mouth!  I love using these wipes because I know I'm keeping her safe from harmful chemicals by doing so. I would recommend these wipes to anyone who wants a good wipe that is also ecofriendly.

Schuylkill Haven, PA


Overall good, but a little thin


I love Nature Baby Care products in general and mostly like these wipes. they are a bit on the thin side - I tried a few other brands and they seemed somehow silkier and a bit thicker, like a plush paper towel, but Nature Baby Care is eco-friendly and that goes a long way with me. At the end of the day, my baby has had very little diaper rash, so I haven't had to worry about something possibly irritating his little hiney. I also kind of like the fact that they are unscente. I mean really, no baby wipe is EVER going to overpower the scents emerging from my baby's diaper, so I'd rather not add a chemical to the mix. Better to just get it over with as quickly as possible! I do have trouble finding them in stores, so I have to order online which is a blessing in disguise, as it forces me to be organized. So in summary - this is a good, usable, eco friendly option. WOuldn't mind if they made them just a little thicker/nicer/softer feeling, but generally I am happy witht them and will definitely continue to buy them.

Phoenix, AZ


Great for babies with diaper rash.


These wipes saved me! Both of my girls got diaper rash. I was using huggies baby wipes when I changed them. Every time I would change them, they would scream bloody murder and their rashes would bleed. I had some of these sitting in the closet because they smelled weird, so we didn't use them. We decided to start using them in hopes they would work better. :) They did! My girls rashes are healing up and they don't bleed anymore! I would definitely use these wipes on a baby with diaper rash instead of commercial wipes!

Crown Point, IN


Environmentally friendly


I was impressed with the wipes being environmentally conscious by using natural and biodegradable materials.   However I was a little taken back with how thin these wipes looked - they were quite strong however and we havn't had any mishaps of fingers going through the wipe.Once opened they easily resealed time and time again and the packaging I found to be very durable and passed the test of my 3 year old opening and pulling wipes out without the outer packaging tearing open which happens with some other brands.I would have liked them to be a bit larger in width, as I thought it was a little small for cleaning up an older baby's bottom.  I found the texture to be quite soft and was very suitable to use to wipe clean little hands and faces (and bottoms) without being rough and scratchy .

Stephensport, KY


Wipe away guilt with environmentally friendly wipes


Initially when I got Nature babycare wipes, I was concerned as they were thinner than the brand I had previously been using and wondered if they would do the job so to speak. I was pleasantly suprised even though they are thinner I don't use more wipes and nothing comes through. Which to me is the most important thing. The packaging is simple and great size to throw in the bag. I will continue to use these wipes.

Beverly Hills, CA


Not up to the necessary standards for baby wipes


Although I LOVE the Nature Babycare diapers, I have to give a big thumbs-down to their wipes. They may be biodegradable, all-natural, compostable, and all that good stuff; but that doesn't count when they just don't work. The wipes are thin, dry, and papery; they feel like well-wrung paper towels. They don't shred like paper towels, but in every other way there seems to be no difference. They feel rough on the skin, they are too thin, and they are too dry to wipe the feces away properly. They were so impossible that I had to simply discard the pack that I had purchased; they weren't worth finishing. As I said in the beginning, I love their diapers and I plan to keep using them permanently; but the wipes need serious improvement.

Marcus Hook, PA


Nature Babycare Sensitive Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

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