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Native - Union Moshi Retro POP Handset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android Phones

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Retro style, modern convenience


I just got this, so I've only used it a few times, but I like it! I always seemed to press buttons with my cheek, resulting in me hanging up on people, etc. that's no longer a problem with this handy device! It's almost much more comfortable to hold during long calls. Sound quality is slightly diminished - the other person sounds a little far away, but it's not bad.

Harrisonburg, VA


This may be a safeguard for cell phone yakkers!


There is no present, concrete evidence that the radiofrequency waves (RF) emitted from cell phones cause brain tumors. Yet the anxiety and the rumors are out there. And... no researching agency can pronounce on the longterm effects of RF on people who talk a *lot* on their cells. If you have questions or doubts, **Native Union** has an answer in the form of its colorful **POP PHONE 'Retro' Handset** which is made in China. This headset looks like the same part of an old phone. Whether your interested in RF waves or not, it makes long chats far more comfortable than those with the blocky cell close to the ear. If RF waves *are* a concern, this headset also does away with more than 99% of absorbed phone radiation. The **POP PHONE** handset is compatible with all mobile devices (including the iPhone and iPad). You may need an adaptor for some units, however. I personally appreciate the high quality of sound and the noise reduction system of the **POP**. I still control volume from my cell. I also continue to have complete access to all my other phone functions. But the clarity of the **POP** one-ups cell phone reception easily. On some cells, answering or disconnecting calls can be controlled by a button on the middle of the **POP** handset. If you cell doesn't accommodate this (my Blackberry Curve does *not*), it's no big deal. I connect or disconnect calls in the regular way at my cell phone unit. The ability to voice-activate dialing or to redial the last number you called may, similarly, work or not work depending on the cell model. My biggest problem is remembering to plug this **POP** in for calls. I've solved that by keeping my **POP** in one place near a comfy chair. I retreat there for my chattiest conversations. If the **POP 'Retro' Handset** doesn't fit into your plans, please know that you'll have friends and relatives who want to give it a go. Despite its advantages, the **POP** is not for everyone. I would, however, definitely consider it for regular use by kids. Long term studies on RF will cinch the evidence for or against RF effects on the brain. The kids will still be around when that evidence comes in.

Los Angeles, CA


Native - Union Moshi Retro POP Handset for iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android Phones

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