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Energy Drink
National Beverage Company
National Beverage Company - FREEK Evil Energy Drink - Thrill Her (Sugar Free)

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Excellent substitute for soda, coffee, or sleep.


I first encountered FREEK at Dragon*Con.  (For context, Dragon*Con is like Mardi Gras for geeks.  The part of that statement that is relevant to this review is that when attending, you tend to get very little sleep.)  The company had donated approximately eleventy billion pallets of the stuff in various flavors, and the convention staff were trying to give it away.  I have always been an energy-drink avoider, so if not for that I'd have never tried it at all, but now I have, and I'm totally hooked.  The Thrill-her flavor is profoundly, absurdly pink, and flavored like raspberry lemonade.  It has a little bit of the vitamin pill taste that I associate with the energy drink genre, but not much.  It's sugar-free, but must have some sneaky sugars in it somewhere since it's got a carb count of 66 per can.  I didn't look at the ingredients list when I had the can in my hand, and am unable to find it online, so I don't know if those are from something like glucose or dextrose, or from something like sugar alcohols that aren't digestible.  The best thing about it is that it's pretty much an instant pick-me-up.  I first tried it on a Saturday morning when I was on a quest for a cup of coffee and couldn't find one, and after drinking this, I didn't even really think about coffee again for the rest of the convention.  It gave me a solid energy boost without giving me the jitters.Unfortunately, now that I am home from the convention, I am not able to find the stuff in my local area (Kansas City).  I hope that they'll extend the market out here soon; I have tried a number of energy drinks since first having FREEK, but I don't like any of them nearly so well.  FREEK also comes in a number of flavors with sugar in, and Maniac, which is also sugar-free, and is colored vibrant blue and flavored sort of vaguely like limeade.  It's also very tasty. NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Serving Size 8 oz.Servings per can 2Calories 130Total Carbohydrates 33Vitamin C 60mgVitamin B6 2mgFolate (Folic Acid) 400mcgVitamin B12 6mcgSodium 95mgMAGICAL ENERGY DRINK STUFFTaurine 1000mgCaffeine 102mgInositol 100mgGuarana Seed Extract 8mg

Kansas City, MO


National Beverage Company - FREEK Evil Energy Drink - Thrill Her (Sugar Free)

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