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Naked Protein Zone

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All natural, healthy and taste good too!


I used to buy protein smoothies from Bally's to drink after my workout but I stopped because there were so many chemicals in them.  I checked other products and mixes and they had even more chemicals and they often tasted pretty bad.  I tried the protein zone smoothy and it taste good and is all natural.  This is just what I've been looking for.  I also love the fact that I don't have to mix anything.

Katy, TX


Chocolate Banana Naked Protein Zone is okay


Naked Juice's Chocolate Banana Protein Zone beverage is okay. The calories are a bit high per serving, but is okay for someone after a vigorous workout... but not for just an everyday drink. It is important to shake it before drinking or the drink will taste chalky. Overall, I think the drink is just okay. It is interesting that there is just a hint of coconut in the smoothie for a sweet unique taste. But this product is quite expensive, it would just be better for you to make your own protein smoothie to consume.

Long Beach, CA


Naked Protein Zone

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