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Nair Depilatory Lotion with Baby Oil 9 oz

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Leaves smooth skin but only for a short amount of time.


If used in places where you have never shaved before such as arm hair (where I tried it) it will leave very smooth results. This nair is quite affordable compared to other nair products. It's slightly better than shaving because it is dissolving the hair and removes hair slightly into the root. This causes the surface of the skin to feel very smooth. When trying the *Nair cream with baby lotion *on more coarse hair such as the legs, the roots are quite noticeable. I would recommend this product to people who do not have sensitive skin where they are going to use it such as people who are hesitant about starting to shave their legs. This nair does cause irritation on places such as the underarms and the bikini line so use on these areas should be avoided. Also, do not apply this Nair on the inside of the elbows or behind the knees. 

Kearny, NJ


I like the best results so I use Nair.


Nair has come a very long way.  There are many formulas and many "scents" to choose from now.  I am not saying that it smells pretty by any means, but this isn't your mother's Nair anymore.The "Soothing Aloe" formula is the one I like best.  I leave it on for about 8 minutes and wipe off with DRY cloths.  I have a few sacred to the purpose.  I practiacally boil them afterwards.  I found that if you use this process any of your hair will come off.  I do not have weekend hair!  It is thick, coarse, black and very Italian.  It comes off just fine.There is but one problem with the new Nair.  It is still mildly irritating to the skin.  Unless you have a hide like a yak's, expect some "tingling".  Immediatly after removing the hair, it is beneficial to rinse one's leg with warm water then apply a lotion contain vitamin E.  Don't rub it in too vigorously.  It will "tingle".I know this seems like a lot of very hard work, but it is very worth it.  I still save time with this process and my legs look a heck of a lot better than if I had shaved them.  I just always remember that directions are sometimes best taken as suggestions.

Dover, DE


Nair Depilatory Lotion with Baby Oil 9 oz

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