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Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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Awesome! The first time you use it.


When I got this razor I really liked it. It gives a great smooth shave. It has lots of blades so I don't get any nicks, as I am a terrible shaver and only like heads that will pivot a lot and razors that have lots of blades. This was great in every way the first time I used it. After the first time, there wasn't enough of the cream left to use it again. Without that the blades were tiny compared to the giant razor and I couldn't see what I was doing so I ended up cutting myself. It was awkward to use once all the cream stuff came off. That would be fine if I had used it a bunch of times, but it was after the first time of using it. If you were okay with buying a new cartridge every time that you shaved, this would be a great razor. I typically like to get at least 5 probably closer to ten times out of each set of blades- I don't mind a slightly dull razor and don't typically get cuts with my Schick Quattro. This razor would be a one time use for me and this is more expensive than a regular razor cartridge.


Monticello, MN


Clean, Close, Comfort


The Schick Intuition razor for women is amazing. I have never had a razor give me such a close, clean shave. The after effects are wonderful, smooth, supple, carressable skin anywhere you shave. The conditioning strips across the top are great for keeping the newly shaved skin soft and beautiful. I give the Schick Intuition razor a definite two thumbs up !!


Lancaster, CA


Making shaving quick at last!


When I first saw the Schick Intuition I have to admit I was skeptical.....I have to use this? only this? The first time was a little awkward the handle is much bigger than normal disposables it is actually almost the size of a mens electric razor after a few tries with this I am now in love with the Schick IIntuition! No more adding soap, cream or gel before hand no more "prep" work just hope in the shower and grab the hand Schick Intuition and start shaving! Not only is it saving you time it is also lleaving your legs moisturized, gives a super close shave and the head itself is replacable. It comes iin a few various types bt I have yet to try one that I do not like...this will be the last brand of razor that I ever buy.


Swansboro, NC


Schick Intuition is ok.


I was not overly impressed by this razor. I don't feel like I get a close shave with it. The moisture bar that's around the razor feels too bulky, like the actual razor doesn't get close enough to my skin.


Rosenberg, TX




I'm always into trying new things and with the commercial being so catchy and all I figured that I would try the Schick Intuition Razor. What a flippin' letdown. After only 3 showers one side of the lotion cartridge was already empty. So, you have to remove the cartridge from the razor (careful not to cut yourself) flip it around and use the other side of the cartridge. Shaving should not be so difficult.  Grrrr...


Jersey City, NJ


Convenience, convenience, convenience.


This is the most awesome razor I've ever used.  I HATE to shave--just ask my husband--but am much more apt to do so with this convenient little razor.  You don't have to worry with messy shaving cream, constantly reapplying the cream when it gets rinsed off by the shower.  It gives a smooth, close shave without a lot of irritation.  I love it and won't ever go back to shaving creams.


Greeneville, TN


I love the all in one razor and cream


I really like the ease in using this shaver. Cream and razor all in one. My only problem is that the cream doesn't ware even and you wind up wasting much of it. I think they could make a better design considering the high cost of the shaver. It is easier than using shave cream and it's east yo take when traveling.


Jasper, FL


all you need


This realy is a great shaver. I think it is expesnive, but it is a combination of a razor and the cream/gel you owuld need to buy. This particluar model leaves skin feeling extras soft because of the shea butter that is in it. However, the cartridges do run out quickly. Cartridge refills can be bought, but they are the same price as buying a whole new razor which comes with two refills. I have been using this for years and will not use any other razor.


Groton, CT


Precision Cutting


This razor is actually pretty close to perfect.  It has the ability to cut close to the root of the hair and I don't have to shave as often.  The only problem is that the razor becomes dull really easily and it's very expensive to keep buying the replacement blades.  I used it for a while but then just resorted to buying disposable razors!


Nashville, TN


Its quicker than a regular razor and painless.


I liked the ease and quickness of this shaver. The soap on the razor makes the use of it convenient for travel. You never have to worry about forgetting the shaving gel anymore. I found it a joy to use after using razors that burn or nick. I find myself shaving more often as it isn't a chore anymore.


Mc Lean, VA


Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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