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NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup Baby Bottle

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Learner Sippy Cup


There are many varieties of sippy cups on the market today, but we have not used any of them that are quite like the NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup. This cup looks like a sippy cup in most aspects, however it has a soft silicone sippy spout that it made of a soft, BPA free silicone that is much like those that the nipples of baby bottles are made from. Our baby loves this cup. Now that she is teething she chews on the "nipple" spout and she drinks from it as well. It doesn't stay in her mouth as well as an actual nipple would, but it works better for her than any other sippy cups because she started drinking out of a cup at a very early age. The cup has handles that attach to it, but you can remove these and hold just the cup when your child gets old enough to hold a cup without the handles. I always take the handles off when I stick this in my dishwasher, and it comes out really clean with no pitting in the plastic. If you are looking for a sippy cup to transition your baby from the bottle to the cup, I highly recommend this one. We love it. And it even has a cap similar to those that afix to a baby bottle, so you are sure the nipple sipper stays clean during travel. A great product!

Eagle River, AK


Great Cup


I love this cup. The idea is great and it is so cute. I love the sailboats. I liked it so much that after we lost the first one, I bought another one just like it. The worst thing about the cup is the stand thing on the bottom. I never used that. It was just in the way and another part to wash. I got rid of it both times. The cup is not spill proof, but I find that none of them really are. My son can spill anything from any cup or bottle. The cup is very similar to a bottle. The tip is soft and makes a it a great first sippy or transition cup. The cup is easy to find in stores and my son liked it as well. Even though it is blue with sailboats, it is cute for both boys and girls. I would buy this cup again.

Grosse Pointe, MI


NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup Baby Bottle, Fantastic!


NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup Baby Bottle has been just absolutely wonderful for my wife, my little girl and me. I believe my daughter was six or seven months old when she made the switch to the NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup Baby Bottle. This bottle has just been wonderful for us all! The bottle is very convenient. It is interchangeable with other NUK Spout baby bottles. My daughter had no problem changing from a bottle to this product. We have tried to give her a different kind of bottle and she just will not take it. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing regardless she has had no problem here with this. It can and will form fungus and mold in side the nipple if it's not kept clean. I have never had any problems with this bottle. It won't leek or spill. Also, it has two handles on the side for the baby to grab and hold on two. This bottle is a very good product and learning tool for the baby. I recommend this for any family.    

Williamsport, TN


This sippy cup didn't work for us.


There are many good things about this sippy cup.  Unfortunately, it didn't work for us.  the nipple was just too soft and too tempting for my grandson to chew.  We could never get him to actually suck out of this sippy cup because he would get too caught up in chewing on it.  We had to get him a sippy cup with a much more hard nipple that wasn't as tempting for him to chew. However, I do know  that this sippy cup works for many kids.  It is dishwasher safe, which is always a plus.  Also, it is fairly easy to put together and take apart. It seems to be truly spillproof.  Also, it's very nice that it comes with a lid and a stopper.  These keep it from spilling when you're out and about.  You could literally just toss it in your diaper bag and it could sit upside down, and it won't leak if you have the stopper in.  The lid is nice to keep the nipple from touching stuff and getting dirty. Last, the handles are nice so that your child can operate the sippy cup on their own.

Buffalo, MN


Excellent starter sippy


I've used this starter sippy with both my kids now.  My son started using it around 6 months old, and became very proficient at it very quickly.  I've just started giving it to my 8 month old daughter, and she likes it too.  Neither would take the bottle, but they took this one just fine!  I like the soft spout, the removeable handles, and the protective cover (very needed!).  The only drawback is that they figure out pretty soon that they can push in the soft spout, and it will come off and spill liquids EVERYWHERE!  Also, it sometimes will leak if not kept upright.  Grrr.  I guess that would be a sign that they need to graduate to a hard spout sippy though... I wanted to sanitize the bottle and spout once by boiling it in water (not recommended) and was worried for a bit, because the spout turned white!  I think it warns you by changing color that the liquid is too hot?  Anyways, it turned back to its normal color over time, and it worked just fine after, but I'd be cautious and probably not boil it in hot water.

West Jordan, UT


Very dissappointed


I bought this sippy cup for my son a couple months ago. He loves it, but I hate it. It forms mold very easily and i'm a clean freak. Liquid is never in it for longer than what it takes him to drink it, yet it still seems to form more mold. It is mostly on the brim of the sipper. I am not sure why it is so different from their other products in this way but I wish there was a way to fix it. My son won't take any other sippy cup. We are on our 3rd on but each has done the same thing. I think it is time to get a different brand and hope he adjusts to it ok. When switching over from a bottle its important that they can still be comfortable with what theyre drinking from.  I love the they way the cup is set up though the size of a small bottle yet you can put handles on it, so the infant can do it themselves and the nipple part does come apart from the lid that secures it onto the bottle part. Much like a bottle but looks more like a cup.

Derby, KS


Disappointing product.


I selected this product because we really believe in the Gerber Nuk bottles and pacifiers. This was a logical next step for my daughter when she was first learning to use a cup. It is recommended for children as young as 6 months. The design made "sense" to me-- the spout is similarly shaped to the bottle nipple, and this seemed logical for a first sippy cup. However, it easily removes from the plastic ring lid. Several times my daughter removed it forcefully and spilled the cup's contents. This made assembly difficult, as well. Furthermore, the material the spout is made of "sticks to" itself. Often times, my daughter would be sucking and sucking, but wouldn't get much out of the cup because of this feature. on a positive note, the handles do remove for an alternative use. I was very disappointed in this product, as it seemed a logical step up from the Gerber Nuk bottles-- which we do like. I will not purchase this again.

Fort Wayne, IN


NUK BPA Free Latex Spout Learner Cup Baby Bottle

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