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My Place
My Place Personal Laptop/Multi-Function Workstation

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Multiple uses if space is tight.


Being a college student and living in a college dormroom or living off campus with a roommate, space is always tight. Also, being the sloth I am, I love being able to work on my bed.  I love how this desk allows me to work on my bed. It might be a little bit more difficult and awkward if you have a twin bed, because this table takes up a bit of space, and if you have things along the side of your bed, you would have to rearrange your bed to make it work.  Because this table is so portable, I like to bring it along everywhere. It also makes a great bedside table if you just want something to put your cellphone or glasses on next to your bed.  The table height can be adjusted by pulling the legs out further, except you only get two heights: the short and the tall. Nothing in between. This can be semi annoying.  This table is also awkward if you want to sit on the sofa with it, unless your sofa had an extremely large and wide cushion because it really isn't comfortable to fit this table on the small cushion with you right up against the table trying to use your computer.  The table can be lifted up and used as a bookstand, or simply to elevate your laptop. If used as a bookstand, it is only good for textbooks or larger books that don't need the page to be held open because there is nothing to do that. The mousepad can also be elevated, but that doesn't make too much sense because your mouse will fall if at an angle. There is storage underneath the mousepad for pens and highlighters which can be very convenient.  I haven't used the light and probably never will because it is battery operated so it is kind of annoying just hanging off of the side. One thing that can be a bit of a bother is that the table has these grooves. It is probably to help airflow underneath the laptop, but because of this, you can't actually use the beddesk as a desk for writing because of the uneven surface. You would have to place a hard surface on it to do any sort of writing. The grooves also don't help too much with the airflow since there is nowhere for the air to flow but into the table.  Because it is made of plastic, this table does look cheap, but at least it is light compared to wooden alternatives. My last complaint about this desk is that it is not very comfortable to fold i both legs and place on your lap to use since the bottom isn't even. Overall, I am very glad I found this table. 

Temple City, CA


My Place Personal Laptop/Multi-Function Workstation

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