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Mucinex Children's Expectorant Cough Suppressant Mixed Berry

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Best childrens cough medicine!


This medicine works wonders for my children when they have a cough. It also helps them to get rid of the mucus in their chests. Congestion Relief Clears up noses well! Chest Congestion Relief Helps make them more comfortable when they have a consistant cough. Relief of Aches & Pains Not really used for aches and pains.


Spencer, IA


Mucinex Childrens Expectorant Cough Suppressant soothes


I have two young children and it's so hard to find over the counter medicines that work for them. I was thrilled when I started seeing that Mucinex made a cough suppressant for children. My kids don't fight me when it comes to taking a medicine, but they have really liked the taste of this cough suppressant and I never see an ugly face when I give it to them. It's not fun for them to be coughing all night, or not to be able to breath. I give them this Mucinex Childrens Expectorant Cough Suppressant and as it doesn't exactly make the cough go right away, I can start to hear that when they cough it's actually bringing some of the Phlem up and making the cough work better by getting all of that mucus out of their system. I really feel that it has helped them get over these colds a lot quicker because it helps their little bodies get that mucus out of their system and allows for their bodies to heal themselves.


Lakeside, CA


Children's Mucinex Works Great for Our Two-Year-Old


I love the Mucinex brand. I use it myself, so I had no problem giving it to my daughter when she had a cold that produced so much mucus it would make her vomit. She loves the berry taste, although I find it to be a tad too medicine-y myself (Yes, I tried it when I was pregnant with my second daughter and was being made sick by the mucus draining down my own throat - I figured if it was safe for children, it would be safe for baby - especially since I wasn't taking a full dose). It didn't take care of all my daughter's cold symptoms (or mine), but it did help (both of us). She seemed to choke less, and I was able to breathe a little easier. No medicine is an absolute cure-all, I guess, but this one comes pretty close. And I love that it's safe enough to even give to toddlers. Note: Since my daughter is two, she only gets a half dose. A full dose would not be safe for a child that age. Always check with your doctor before giving your child any medicine.


Louisville, KY


Mucinex Cough Worked on my kids


This past Christmas we had a very bad chest cold go through our family.  We had always steered away from cough med's due to the news saying don't over medicate your children.  Well my kids cough got so bad they were turning red from coughing.  There cough sounded very wet and full of mucus. When I saw that mucinex had a cough suppressant for children.  I thought I would give it a chance.  I have used mucinex for myself as an adult. Boy were we shocked at how well it worked. My two children would take it and they did not fight me like they would with their antibiotics.  They would take it fine.  That tells me the taste was pretty good. You could tell when the 4 hours was up becuase they would start coughing again.  We would give them the cough suppressant again and were good to go.  It only took about 4 doses in 2 days for the coughing to be undercontrol.  We will be keeping this cough suppressant in our medicine cabinet for now on.


Pinellas Park, FL


Mucinex really is a life saver.


**Children's Mucinex really does break down the mucus and plegmn that controlls our children. It also help supress the cough to. I came to purchasing this product when my niece recommended it to me. i started this product on my second child whom  always suffered from the mucus everytime she became ill. I've took my child to the hospital and nothing was being done. When I got Mucinex for my kids, it was a total life saver for me. The Mucinex helped break down the mucus in her thoart and lungs when she couldn't cough it all out because she was quite too young and didn't really get it at first. The flavor is also a plus!! She loves how it tastes. I don't have to force it down her throat. It is a bit pricey though, but worth the pennies. At first, I couldn't afford it coming from a very low income family. For my family, I got it anyways. I realized how fast the medicine kicked in and everything. This is a product that I can depend on forever and ever.**


Stockton, CA


Mucinex cold for children does not help ease symptoms


Mucinex cold for kids does not ease symptoms of a cold at least not for my two kids.  I was introduced to Mucinex a few years ago while on a car trip, my son had a runny nose and nasty cough.  I bought the Mucinex brand and was happy with the results, my sons nose was clear and he was not coughing as much.  So a few years go by and I see on the TV  Mucinex was changing its medicine due to some restrictions put on the industry by the FDA.  I wish I would have stocked up on the medicine before they changed it, now the medicine does not work.  It does not releave symptoms and really is a waste of money.  I have tried all the different mucinex medicines for my kids when they get sick but this brand simply does not least not with my kids.  I would not recommend in any way to anybody who has kids and wants to ease the symptoms of a cold, or flu.  This brand is not worth the hassel of getting it using it and realizing it does not work, you have to wait to use a different product until mucinex wares off, so my advice is dont buy it!!  Ask your doctor his/her opinion of what the best over the counter medicine is for a cold or flu or stuffy nose ect and use what they recommend you will have better success then trying to figure it out yourself and save alot of money in the process!!


South Jordan, UT


Mucinex Children's Expectorant Cough Suppressant Mixed Berry

3.7 6