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Motorola Surfboard Wireless Gateway

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I love this modem!!


**I love the  **Motorola SURFboard SBG900.  It is simply the best, easiest, most reliable wireless modem on the market.  In one piece of equipment you have your cable modem and wireless router.  My wireless internet is always on and ready to surf.  When I had a separate cable modem and wireless router I was constantly having to power off and back on to get online.****

Edmond, OK


works fast and easy to tell when your on line


I got the Motorola'sSBG900 wireless surfboard by gateway a while ago but last night was the firsttime i was able to try out the product. I was amazed on how easy it was to install to my pc. It was also easy to know when it was on line. The great part of that was when all the lights were on then it was on line. I was glad it didn't take a rocket scientists to figure how to get it up and running. I am really pleased with this product.

Idaho Falls, ID


I have already Scheduled to have two modems Replaced!!


I currently use BrightHouse as my Online Cable Company and am connected to Road Runner through them. I have gone through two of these Motorola SB5101 SurfBoard Cable Modems durring my time with BrightHouse (Less than ONE year)! I had no problems with either modem in the begining but approximately 3-4 months after the normal day to day use, they start having connection problems. In the front there are 6 Dots that Light up. The first Four are Green and the last Two are Orange. The first Four (Power, Recieve, Send, Online) are always supposed to be lit up, indicating that you are indeed online... only one of the Last Two (*PC/Activity*, and Standby) are supposed to stay lit. I have not seen any problems with the last Two, but both modems I have had seemed to go through sperts, where they were fine for a few days... No longer than a week, then for some reason, only the first two green lights will light up and the third blinks. The one Labled "ONLINE" is the only one NOT LIT UP.  It took me forever and a lot of wasted time to figure out that it was the modem having the issues and not my computer... Sometimes they only go out for an hour or so, but other times it will take 48-72 hours before the modem will fix the problem itself. I called My cable company and they said that "The modems, just like most other Electronics, only work for so long before they go bad". I just dont understand how they figure them modems "WENT BAD" when each one Ive had only lasted for a few months before needing a replacement. I do admit that when they do work, they work great, but I find myself anticipating the days when I am unable to connect and needing to schedule a visit from the cable company to replace the 3-4 month old non-working modem.

Dover, FL


Motorola Surfboard Wireless Gateway

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