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Motorola High Speed DSL Modem 2210-02

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This Motorola Modem is Very Annoying...


A note of caution, I have had a very annoying experience with this modem. It is always causing a problem. I can not rule out though, that the issues I have had with it are more related to my internet provider than the modem. Here is my experience: The modem looks good and hooks up easily. It is small and therefore doesn't take up much space, which works for me. I got this one from my internet service provider when we signed on with them. A few months after we got it, we began having trouble accessing the internet. The modem would shut down, and we had no idea why. After several frusterating hours of working with the techies at the internet service provider, they decided to send us a new modem since they said ours must not be working properly. The new modem does do better. Now, instead of randomly cutting off the internet for varying lengths of time every day, it only does it a few times a week and generally can be back online within 15 minutes or so. As you can imagine, this is somewhat frusterating. given the choice at buying this or a different modem, I would try something else.

Portland, TN


Second time's a charm


My internet service provider (ISP) touted the Motorola 2210 modem as the "best out there"...six years ago. I went along, got the (free after rebate) modem, and set it up for my home DSL. Set-up wasn't too difficult, but right away I noticed the modem would get pretty warm (this was in November). I took some basic precautionary steps by keeping the modem out of direct sunlight, not keeping it directing on the floor, and as far away possible from other electronic devices. Still, the modem burnt out in eight months. My ISP replaced it with a different modem (after I insisted I did not want another Motorola 2210), but that one was so poorly designed, that it made me appreciate the newer 2210 my ISP sent as a second replacement three years later...when the Motorola 2210 was still "the best out there". As far as design goes, the 2210 is pretty small and simple. It has an five status indicator lights that stay green when on/functional, and turn red when there is a problem. This sounds trivial, but compared to the first replacement modem I received, this is very helpful as at least I know when there is a problem. The modem also power cycles on its own, which is helpful because I don't have to get up because of it. Speed wise, the modem is great.

Fremont, CA


If it doesn't overheat, the 2210 will do what you need it to.


In order for me to be fair, i'll assume not every 2210 over heats and can double as a griddle. When not overheating, the 2210 provides a good signal and a decent speed connection. Unlike the 2200, it doesn't need to reboot every other day, but does need a nice cool area to function properly. It's small in size and is pretty invisible if placed in the right spot in the office. I've had to get this replaced three times before giving me a different model (which i'll review in the near future). I've heard that it cuts off the internet connection, but when it overheats due to a faulty motherboard cooling feature, it's hard to blame the unit itself when made correctly. The models i did use all overheated and put me in panic mode freaking out thinking they may set my house on fire. Until my DSL provider gave me replacements, i put it on a USB powered aluminum laptop fan cooling system and it did decrease the restart requirement a little, but you really shouldn't depend on that when it comes to your DSL connection.

Mobile, AL


take my advice


I can't disclose alot but lets just say I work with these modems on a daily base as closely as someone could and my experience says stay away.  For the most part people who get these don't have much of choice since these are sent out by a certain ISP provider and you have no choice and getting your own modem is just not feasible for the majority of people out there who don't know much about computers.  For those people who have no choice just make sure you don't put these modems on the floor or try to hide them by shoving them somewhere.  Keep them out in the open and have alot of breathing room.  Make sure the vents are not obstructed and have room to breath. Other then that this is a very basic dsl modem with basic functionatliy.  Realisticaly everyone has routers nowadays so ideally you should just be bridging this modem and running the pppoe of of your router which is the best situation for long use of this modem.  If you are computer literate though you will probably be spending your money on either a better modem or an all in one modem/router solution.  If you have the choice between this or the 2wire modem offered by above mentioned ISP choose the 2wire everytime.

Jacksonville, FL


Very Dissatisfied as tends to overheat


I live in an older apartment complex and as a result of that the only higher speed option for computer use that I can get is dsl.  I have AT&T service and love it but was told because I was having intermittant outages that I needed a new dsl modem and had to buy the Motorola 2210-02 so I did but I had to wait awhile because it was not available locally but I knew I was taking a trip in a week to a bigger city so waited to get.  It is supposed to be for high speed but slowed everything down and then had a severe problem with overheating.  The design of this model is flawed and it often has problems with overheating.  I used it for less than two months before having to have it replaced with a different one that is from a different company and since I have had the new one my internet is much faster.  I would like to recommend that you seriously consider not getting this model.  I am hoping to get my money back when I bring back to where I bought it but don't know if I will be able to because have to wait another two weeks before I go back to that area.

Hancock, MI


Motorola High Speed DSL Modem 2210-02

2.0 5