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Mother-ease Air-Flow Snap Cover

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These are the most leak-proof cover I've tried so far!


I havent recently started using mother-ease air flow snaps diaper covers for cloth diapers. I've tried dappi, proraps, diaperraps and a few other brands and none of them really were anything I would say I loved. Each day using the other brands I would have to change my sons clothes about 6 times a day because they would get soaked. Since I have started using mother-ease cloth diaper covers I have only had one leak. They are so easy to wash and have adorable designs. They are a little pricy compared to some of the others but to me its worth it to not have to do all the extra laundry caused by other covers leaking more. They also have a policy where even if you buy a cover used or get it from a friend etc and a snap brakes on the cover you can mail it to them and they will fix the snap for you for free. They have a few different sizes. Right now I am using size small. They have a few different snap setting so these can be adjusted to fit your baby better at different times. These snap covers are so much better then covers that have velcro closure because if the ones that have velcro start to get tight then if you loosen them the velcro will rub on there belly and make a sore spot. To me these are probably the only diaper cover I will use from here on out with my son and any further children I have. By the quality of them I figure even if I pay a little more I sure get my moneys worth with using them on my son and they will probably last through more children as well so they will save me a ton of money in the long run.

Susquehanna, PA


Cute covers for great diapers


I've been using Motherease Air Flow Snap Covers since my oldest child was born. He's done with diapers now, but his brother and sister are both currently using these diaper covers. The covers come in a variety of animal prints and solid colors. I like the prints the best; my kids like naming the different animals and finding matches in the material. My favorite thing about these covers is that they don't feel plasticy. The outside is a soft fabric, the inside a waterproof coating. Another great feature is that they are NOT airtight. I don't like the idea of my baby's bottom being sealed in with his dirty diaper. This cover provides some air flow (hence the name!) but covers completely to prevent leaks. I have removed completely saturated diapers and found no sign of moisture on my kids pants. The covers are adjustable so a baby with chubby legs or skinny legs can both be comfortable. As your child grows though you will need to buy larger sizes. I have four sizes and have diapered babies from 6 pounds to 32 pounds. I have only found two problems with these covers. One is that if they are washed with bibs that attach with velcro, the velcro can stick to the binding on the covers and snag them The other is that very rarely, when my two year old son pees with a lot of force, the moisture can seep through the cover onto his pants.

Waukegan, IL


These covers will last forever! A true workhorse


The Mother-ease Air-Flow Snap Covers are amazing. They have nice soft outside with cute printed designs, and snaps with three different settings at the waist and two at the legs. The snaps are a hit in our household as they will outlast velcro and not rust - they are KAM snaps, or plastic snaps. The Mother-ease Air-Flow Snap Covers sizes are on the smaller side, compared to other diaper covers. They have a large varity of sizes with is nice and allows for a great fit on baby. They are not bulky and have washed very well and dry fast. We were given most of our Mother-ease covers from a family with four children, then passed to another child, and we have since used them for two children of our own! They are still in AMAZING SHAPE! So I now hunt them down and pick them up when ever I find them, because I know that they will last and last. A great night time cover as it does allow for more air circulation on baby's skin.

Houston, TX


Great covers!


I have two of these covers, and they work so well!  I love the side snaps.  They make diaper changes easy, and they allow for different leg sizes.  I started using these covers when my daughter was about six months old, using the smallest snap setting, and I am still using them on the medium snap setting.  She is almost a year old now.  My only reservation is about their size--they are significantly more bulky than my other covers.  For that reason, I tend to use them at home.  They are almost too bulky to be worn under most of my daughter's clothes.  zof course, that is what allows then to be used for such a long time--They have more room to grow than sized covers offer.  I have never had a leak with my Mother-ease covers.  With other brands, when my daughter started to outgrow a size, we would have blow-outs out the back.  I have not experienced that with Mother-ease covers yet, despite the length of time we have used the same covers.   I have been very satisfied with these covers.

Knoxville, TN


They may not look like much, but they're awesome!


As I said above, the Mother-ease air-flow snap diaper covers might not look like much, they are AMAZING. When I first read reviews on this diaper cover, saw pictures of it, and looked at the Mother-Ease website, I wasn't impressed. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but I really didn't think much of it. The air-flow cover looked like it would allow for leaks out of the sides, and really didn't look very sturdy. Boy, was I ever wrong!! I got one, and even though it took me a while to get my courage up to use the cover for the first time, I was totally and completely surprised and impressed by how well it performed! There were no leaks, no wicking, the cover stayed in place, and because it was so thin it was so much less bulky than other diaper covers! My air-flow cover has held up SO well over the many months that I've now used it. I highly recommend this cover to anyone asking about cloth diapers!

Waxhaw, NC


Love these diaper covers


While these covers are a bit more expensive that others available, we've found that nothing beats them for helping keep the boys' clothes dry. With twins, the covers get a LOT of use and haven't broken down yet. We've tried eight other brands of diaper covers and nothing matches the ease of these. There's no velcro to stick together in the washer or scratch the boys' tender skin. They're adjustable, so they last/fit a lot longer. Also, our 13-month old twins, who have figured out how to open velcro, have not figured out how to open the snaps. This guarantees that, at least for now, the diapers stay on even when it's the only thing they're wearing. These covers even gotten us through a bout of the flu with very little leakage. The boys' skin doesn't do well when we have to put them in disposable diapers. We started to wonder if cloth diapers were do-able when each brand of cover either failed or started to cause other problems. I love how well the boys' skin stays healthy with cloth diapers and appreciate that these covers make that possible.

Minneapolis, MN


Mother-ease Air-Flow Snap Cover

4.8 6