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Monster - Hitman Energy Shots

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Monster Energy Shots- one of the best.


Monster Hitman Shots are one of my favorites from it's taste to the energy it gives me. I've tried both Hitman, & Sniper. Hitman tastes like uncarbonated Mountain Dew that's had a tablespoon of sugar mixed in. Yum! Sniper tastes like a cross between Code Red Mountain Dew and cherry cough syrup (with extra sugar mixed in). Delicious! I love that these have rich and sugary flavors to them. I always thought the 5 hour and 6 hour ones tasted like watered down Koolaid that left a bad after taste. Not the Monster shots though. I sometimes even mix them with diet sprite or carbonated water so I can enjoy the flavor. Hitman does have a bit of sugar in it which provides an instant burst of energy while the "vitamins" work to provide a few hours of energy that slowly dissipates preventing a sugar/caffeine crash. I only wish Monster would come up with more flavors. Especially a Khaos shot or watermelon.  

Blue Earth, MN


Monster - Hitman Energy Shots

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