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Mongoose Impasse 29" Mens Mountain Bike


Trail riding is safe and fun with the Mongoose men's mountain bike

Large wheels and an element suspension fork let the Mongoose Impasse HD 29 inch men's mountain bike roll over tough terrain with ease. The aluminum frame creates a lightweight, responsive ride. 21 speeds with SRAM twist shifters offer a gear range for every kind of terrain. The dual disc brakes provide excellent, instant stopping, because you never know when conditions out on the trail will change.

This Mongoose men's mountain bike will have you looking at the trail in a whole new way. Easily tame bumps, roots and other obstacles with the large, 29 inch wheels and an SR Suntour suspension fork. The 21-speed drivetrain offers optimum gearing selection for any situation. Also features alloy rims and A-head stem.

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Great way to get around.


Mongoose Impasse 29" Mens Mountain Bike I decided to purchase a new bike about 5 months ago because I don't prefer to use public transportation and most of the area shops are between 5 and 7 blocks away from my home. I didn't think I would use it as much as I do though. Let me first start off by saying I actually paid for someone to put it together but was present and it only took about 20 minutes total with the add-on of a back seat basket that was purchased separately from the bike. The bike is slightly too high for me to get onto - but I am only 5 feet 5 inches tall. Other than getting on the bike though, I love everything about it. Switching gears is done with extreme ease and has excellent handling and maneuvering ability. I can conquer steep hills and roll over any debris that comes along my path. Our city has a few really great biking paths and I found myself more inclined to seek them out over the late summer and make our family outings a bit more active and challenging. I ended up using the bike way more than I initially thought I would and actually use our vehicle less often for quick store trips. It gives me a good excuse to shop for minor items alone and in peace. It also helps me to be more physically active because I will use the bike instead of the bus or our family car when possible. I absolutely love the bike and plan to continue riding until there's too much snow on the ground to conquer. I highly recommend the bike and the actual brand as a whole.

Syracuse, New York


Great bike


I wanted to get back into biking. Everyone was telling me to get a mongoose because it is a very good brand. They were right. This bike is very good and I am enjoying it all the time. The only negative was that the kick stand is weak and I had to replace it within the first week. The replacement was only five dollars so I wasn't too upset about it. The tires are still in good shape and the gears are still all still working great. No rust and no damage. I have had the bike for five years now and I ride a lot during the summer months. At least five times a week riding over ten miles every trip. It is a very sturdy bike so you definitely get a good bang for your buck. If you go to walmart they are a little bit cheaper. But it is worth the money.

Cleveland, OH


worth a lot more than price


I bought this bike for my son who is now 28 years old . He has owned it for about 2 years now and it has really held up well . He does not own a car and rides a bike everywhere - he rides this to work up a very steep hill so needed a reasonably priced bicycle that is lightweight aluminum and can traverse hills with ease .He has owned cheaper model Mongoose bikes in the past so brand name was one consideration in choosing this upgraded Mongoose model . It has 21 gear shift speeds and rides smooth over bumps , in part due to the large wheel base - he also has used it in the woods and it handles well there over rocky , uneven packed dirt . If you ride a bike frequently and need one that you can really put through the paces over rough and hilly terrain ,this is a very decent choice for the money . It is good for city or mountain biking as well and the seat is well constructed and padded so that you are not sore after a long bike ride . Disc brakes handle well and you can stop on a dime if need be - very safe and well constructed bike for the price .

Springfield, MA


Mongoose Impasse 29" Mens Mountain Bike

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