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Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Plant Food

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Miracle Grow Shake 'n Feed really does wonders for the hopeless.


I really did like the Miracle Grow Shake 'n Feed. I found it took petunias I gave up on a second wind to grow. I honestly thought I killed the plant but sure enough a week later there they were, beautiful purple petunias. I was so elated.


Chesterfield, NJ


wonderful product


Works fine on soil and on other media(like perlite or vermiculite)and does not become eventually inhibitory to growth.It promotes vegetative growth of mustards and beans even inhydroponic media.Does ot precipitate or leave a residue.Works fine on clear polyacridamide gel but might stimulate algae growth.The pellets dissolve slowly on soil,and are easily absorbable by plants.Would not overfeed the plant,lasts a long time without becoming innefective in container.I tried the product on mustard greens andis incredibly effective in romoting green growth.The container is very artistic and permits the person to observe hrough the clear viewer inside the botle which is a very clever idea.The amount of product in the bottle is more than sufficient f most applications and is relatively concentrated.The outside of the bottle have clear instructions and are easy to understand for a common lay person.I would recommend the product to a fellow gardener and even a biological scientist interested in experimental media.


Miami, FL


Miracle-Gro Shake 'N Feed Plant Food

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