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Miracle-Gro Quick Start Liquid Plant Food

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Miracle- Gro Quick Start really works!


I am a gardener by heart. I love going out into the yard and just spend a few minutes to make it look beautiful. I call it my couseling time my alone time. So know that and that I love to see things grow you need to know that I am picky in the things I use in my garden/yard. I started using Miracle-Gro years ago in our first yard. We used it on the new trees and on the veggies and they ALWAYS seemed to grow a little fast and have a better healthier look. So that said I love the Miracle-gro. Bu tI really started liking it the very most when I got my planter boxes from Europe send over from my parents. I put a planting bag on top of a water container and in the water in there I use the Miracle- Gro Quick Start to give my veggies more helth and growth. And it really does work. I have tons and tons of cherry tomatoes every year and they just keep growning all season long. The plants are healthy green and the tomatoes and beautiful red and I know it is because of the Miracle- Gro Quick Start I use. It really is a miracle and it really does work. Try it and you will see the same thing happens to your veggies or other plants!:o)

North Salt Lake, UT


Easy to store & use.


I use Mircel -Gro on my house plants and on my garden.I buy abox that has three or four plastic sleeves in it.I mix it in a sprayer to apply to my garden.I do this early of a morning before the sun hits the plants so the leaves can absorb the liquid.Plus what hits the ground goes to the roots so nothing goes to waste.Mircal gro is the only fertilzer I use and so far I have had great success with it and a lovely garden.My house plants are also pretty healthy.I don"t have alot of house plants but what I do have are healthy  and green.The leaves are slick and shinney.I have been given plants that look like they are on thier last leg and Mircal Gro has brought them back.My mother and serval family members also use it .I would recommend mircal gro to any one that wants heathy green huose plants or a healthy garden .It very easy to mix and apply.Whether useing it inside or out you can not go wrong.

Corinth, MS


Flower gardens just like Grandma's!


I have always loved going to my Grandma's house as a child because she had such beautiful flowers everywhere. I tried but not so good until I bought Scott's fertilizer. I am amazed now. I water my violets and aff some Scott's and now all my flowers are flourishing and blooming. I just add some according to the directions to my watering container and go around and water my flowers. What a difference in how my flowers already are looking, just beautiful and so healthy looking. I give all my credit to how my flowers look to Scott's. I don;t have much of a green thumb but their product has worked wonders and made my yard look so much better. I am so looking forward to trying this on my vegetables this year and see what I get from my crops. I also would recommend their potting soil. Again, the price can be a little steep buying all of these products, but there is soemthing so beautiful from using Scotts products.

Kent, OH


Miracle-Gro Quick Start Liquid Plant Food

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