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Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Soil 1.5Cf 73659300

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Perfect for seed starting


In the past I always used Miracle-Gro Potting Mix for starting seeds, and it did fine, except it required a lot of watering to keep seeds at the right moisture level for germination. This year I tried using the Moisture Control, and it vastly paid off.  Seeds germinated more quickly and easily, and it was more care-free over all.  I didn't fuss about the moisture level nearly as much.  I started hundreds of seeds this year, and I couldn't have done without it.  It has inspired me to do more, because it simplified things greatly.  It is a little pricey, but worth it overall.  You have to be confident in your soil, especially if you start seeds in it!  I know what is in the Moisture Control, and I could make it myself, but I can't imagine taking the time to mix my soils myself when it is practically the same price, or more, to buy all the ingredients to make it.  I have started to make soil more often, but I know I will be depending on this for years to come. 


Fairfield, VA


Boy, this really made a difference for my plants


I have a section of my patio that contains plants that are in the ground (not containers).  I worry about underwatering, because when it rains, these plants do not get very much water.  I purchased a couple of bags of this Moisture Control potting soil and dumped it on top of the original soil.  That is absolutely all I did except that I try to remember to water at least once every ten days or so. There are several new sprouts coming up, and the plants look great.  It is as if they have new life. The instructions state you should "amend" the soil annually by mixing 50/50 with the existing soil.  Benefits are the soil holds up to 25% more water than native soil.  Enriched with Miracle Gro Continuous Release Plant Food for up to 3 months of feeding.  Contains a blend of rich organic materials, sphagnum peat moss and manure to improve soil condition. Please note that there are two entirely different types of Miracle Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil.  One is solely for in-ground planting and the other is for container plants only.  The label on the front of the package clearly states whether it is for in ground or container plants. I recommend this potting soil to everyone.  It sure did a great job for my plants.


Boca Raton, FL


Not quite what I expected...


I live in Colorado, which means I am constantly battling dry soil. I was expecting a bit more from this soil, because the bag claims that it "protects from overwatering AND underwatering". However, I found it too be excessively dry, even for succulents. The only plants I would really use this soil for are cacti. I didn't find this soil to be very rich in nutrients, and in fact I feel like it caused some of my plants to suffer for lack of proper nutrition. I am disappointed because I have used Miracle Gro many times and almost always had positive results, but in this case, this soil seems like it is only a poor version of Miracle Gro's Cactus Potting Soil formula (which is excellent, by the way). However, in the way of positive feedback, this soil certainly does protect from overwatering, and would be suitable for something that would be devastated by accidental overwatering. Therefore I give it 3 stars, but will not use it again most likely.


Nederland, CO


Moisture Control is great, but where's my fertilizer?


I wanted to get a good moisture control soil for my tomatoes this year since I am container gardening.  Fighting dry soil is always hard so it seemed like a no brainer to me to go with miracle grow.  This started disapointing out of the bag - the soil was super super dry.  Needless to say by the time you got it wet you needed twice as much.  I bought A LOT of soil.  Once wet though, it really did keep its moisture very well which I am loving since we've had a very hot summer.  I have yet to see the built in fetilizer to do anything.  I had hoped that I might have been able to skip the normal liquid stuff (since I do not have a hose - apt life.)  This soil gave me no boost in growth and I had to end up mixin powder and liquid anyway.  This has been disappointing to me since it was the entire reason I went with the brand.  In short, I paid a lot more and went through a lot more soil then I needed to get the same results I would have had with a much cheaper moisture control brand. Won't be purchasing again, since the cost isn't worth the lack of results.


Louisville, KY


Low maintenance and stress-free


Miracle Gro's Moisture Control potting soil is the answer for all gardeners who have an heavy hand at watering their plants. I've been using the Moisture Control potting mix for almost three years now and every year without fail, my plants grow big and bloom beautifully. Coming from Miracle Gro, a brand I can trust, gives me more faith in this product and it's ability to work wonders. The potting mix comes with granulated fertilizing already in the mix so all you really have to do is plant and water.


Fairfax, VA


Miracle gro moisture control is a life saver


I grow a large variety of items. However my plant experiences before trying miracle gro moisture control were less then successful. The thing is I tried many other bags of dirt before spending the extra money on moisture control. My results were normally plants growing from seeds and then dying for no apparent reason, or if i bought more mature plants they never seemed to last long in other soils. Once i actually paid for the miracle gro moisture control everything changed plants i couldnt get to grow at all ( poppies and bonsas from seed) grew right away. I have came to believe the difference besides the quality of the dirt itself was the moisture control ingrediants in the moisture control dirt. If i forgot to water them for example they had some extra water saved up that saved the day. Im not saying you can water this dirt once and never look back its just if you forget for a day or two it seems to save my plants lives.   Also the texture of the miracle gro moisture control soil is just smoother/softer feeling to the touch. its not HUGE chunks of branches mixed in with what feels like dirt and sand. When you reach into the bag of miracle gro moisture control with your hands to pot plants, your not running into alot of random stuff like ive found it other bags of dirt. Its truely a smooth feeling, healthy quality of dirt that leaves you feeling like youve done the best thing for your plants or seeds. I will say its very tempting when im at the store to buy the cheaper dirt that does not have moisture control, but i just remind myself how miserable i am when using those products and how much more happy i have been with the feel/quality of miracle grow. The ease of use is wonderful.


Colorado Springs, CO


Was not the Miracle Grow result I am use to


I bought this product because sometimes the soil in my garden tends to be very dry and the water runs off.  I tried this in my garden and my plants and flowers did not grow or bloom as well as other potting soil I have used in the past.  I was somewhat disappointed in the results.  The soil was not better with the moisture control. 


Augusta, GA


Miracle-Gro moisture Control potting soil is the best and helps


Miracle- Gro Moisture Control Soil is the best potting soil I've have used. I could not grow some types of plants to save my life, no matter what I tried. But with moisture control soil by Miracle gro I can grow all kinds of plants that are big and beautiful. I can't over water or under water. this soil is great


Lancaster, CA


From Brown Thumb to Green Thumb- just by changing the SOIL!


I could not keep a plant alive to save my own life - until my husband brought home this soil. We repotted our house plants and now it is IMPOSSIBLE to neglect them. The soil regulates moisture released to the plants roots - so you can't overwater or underwater them! It works PERFECTLY! I have recommended this to all of my friends and will continue to recommend to anyone who asks (and maybe if they don't ask! HAHA)


Blytheville, AR


Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Soil 1.5Cf 73659300

4.0 9