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Miracle Gro "Miracle Gro" Shake N Feed Rose Food

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Miracle grow shake and feed is easy and effective!


I will have to admit Im not an avid gardener however this past fall my family and I decided to try and grow some pumpkins for halloween. We headed out to home depot to get some miracle grow to try and boost the growth of the pumpkins. I really fell in love with the shake and pour style because I didnt want to touch the product with my skin. I used it in a manner that wasnt exactly the manufactures suggested amount and much to our suprise we yielded 7 very large and healthy pumpkins. I really enjoyed using this particular product due to the ease of use and the result that we accomplished. I am positive that we will be using it this year to grow more pumpkins to carve during the holliday. I would not eat the pumpkins though because I dont think you can use it on food product but Im not sure. Miracle grow is a company that has name recognition and is trusted by gardeners everywhere. I would definatly recommend this product if you are trying to achieve a huge healty looking garden of flowers or in our case pumpkins!


Huntington, WV


A great rose fertilizer


I have 18 rose bushes at my house that I work in alot.  I really enjoy beautiful cut flowers in my house all summer long and take a lot of time and care to cultivate my rose bushes.  One essential ingredient is Miracle Gro Shake N Feed Rose Food.  My roses really respond and I get the most beautiful blooms.  The stalks are thick, dark green and very healthy and the colors are amazing.  We traveled for a while last summer and when I came back you could definitely see a difference with them not being fertilized.  I like that the granuals and the fact that they offer a slow realease into the soil so you don't overwhelm the plants with a blast of fertilizer all at once.  They stay put too so the rain doesn't wash them down the hillside and waste the product.  I think Miracle Gro came up with the perfect blend to make your roses fabulous - just make sure you keep up with it and you'll definitely see the benefits!


Silverton, OR


Miracle Gro "Miracle Gro" Shake N Feed Rose Food

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