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Decent Toy Site


MindWare.com is a website that offers lots of educational toys for kids. They have options for kids from 2 years old all the way up to 12. This site is a good option for gifts when you want to find something original. They have a pretty large selection. The toys all seem to be of high quality. The ones I have ordered were made quite well. They seem to be sturdy enough to last many years. They're kind of reminiscent of much older toys, when kids toys were made better than many are today. All that being said, I still feel like some of the toys here are a little overpriced. There are some items that I've found elsewhere for less money. Another thing that I dislike about this site is that their shipping fees are not that great. Most sites have a threshold where when you reach it, you get free shipping. MindWare.com has no such threshold. Instead of going down, the more you spend the more you have to pay in shipping fees.

Southfield, MI


Everyone who wants a unique gift, visit mindware.com


Mindware.com is absolutely fantastic. For those who don't know much about it, it's a site filled with great priced unique gifts. They also have the option for ages 2 to 12 and over. The site is filled with crafts, toys, and different sorts of educational play and puzzles. I found out about it not too long ago from my cousin. Her daughter had been using a product of theirs called imaginets. She looked like she was having so much fun and so engaged and her mom said to try the site because it really keeps them interested with the toys and makes them love learning. I tried the site and it was love at first sight. From hands on activity packs, puzzles, early learning, and science and nature to way more. They have more educational fun stuff with an entire sale on items section then I have ever seen online or in any store. It even has a section for classroom resources. My two munchkins love the stuff and I love that they are learning. This site is great to say the least. If you have a child in your life, definitely check it out. You'll probably find something you love within ten minutes.




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