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Milorganite - 40lb.

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This is the best for fertilizing and deer control.


I am a gardener at heart. For years the deer would some how sneak in to my fenced in gardens at night or while I was away and eat everything possible in my vegetable and perennial gardens. I had tried many different fences, deer repellents, and deer resistance plants but nothing worked. I live in a area where  neighbors enjoy feeding the deer while I am trying to keep them away from my gardens and was ready to give up until I came across Milorganite. A 40 lb. bag of Milorganite covers a lot of area because you don't have to put it on thick and  works like a charm. I only use it for the deer repellent but it also acts as a wonderful fertilizer on all area's of my gardens and lawn. Since my use of milorganite and my monitoring the presence of deer they are not stepping foot onto my property, it is the odor that keeps the deer away. I will see the deer tracks going around my property but they have not once stepped into my property line since I have applied milorganite to my lawn and gardens. Even with rain the milorganite stays for weeks and doesn't need to be applied after each rain so I only apply it every 2-3 weeks. I love this stuff while it has saved my gardens for my enjoyment and produce. I highly recommend this to anyone who has problems with deer enjoying their fruitful and beautiful gardens.

National City, MI


Milorganite - 40lb.

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