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Mighty Putty
Mighty Putty Epoxy Sticks

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Poor Value for Limited Shelf life


I purchased this product a while ago. Today I really needed it to do exactly what it says it does. It didn't, because all the tubes of wrapped sticks had dried out. Overall Quality The cut stored tube was completely dry. One unopened tube was completely hard, while the other was hard on the outside and still soft inside. No, it would not mix. Durability Since the product does not store, I cannot attest to its durability.




On porous surfaces it's great 100's of uses


As with all things Mighty Putty has it's limitations, I used it on many things like a leaky faucett ( water pushed it out of the way and it coudn't hold) There were complications with that but on the leaky cracks in the basement walls and floor, when it rained I marked them when they dried I filled them with the stuff and it worked great. If it is a porous surface that it can work down in and get a hold of it, then it is the most amazing stuff, but on slick surfaces not so good; you would need a more sticky form of epoxy which they sell at your local hadware store.I used construction addhesive, it come in a tub like caulcking, and is used for putting up shower walls and such now that sticks up anything to just about anything. Mithy Putty I love it for what I use it for it's the best. I fixed my grand daughters tea set repeatedly and my leaky tea pot at the base of the handle it cracked and leaked, things like that that are porous.So many uses it's endless if you like to repair not replace and I do.


Bakersfield, CA


Mighty Putty works, sort of


As seen on TV Mighty Putty works sort of.  The main selling point for me was that it would stop leaks.  It works really good on some things, but it doesn't stop leaks.  I tried even using a half a stick.  I did everythng it said to do but it just doesn't work.


Livingston, TX


Mighty Putty as advertised on television is not worth the money.


They advertise that mighty putty's bonding power is so strong that it can pull a truck.  I placed it on my metal hallway closet doors because I did not want to drill into the metal frame.  I placed small metall handles on the mighty putty and waited.  Two days later I went to open the sliding closet door and the handle fell off.  The putty was still on the handle but I could and did pick the putty off very easily from the handle.   I followed the directions on the box.  Save your money.  There is no such thing as an easy fix.  If I could rate this I would rate it as a negative star.  


Las Vegas, NV


Simply said, it is not what they advertise it to be.


We are pretty handy with repairs around the house and always try to repair rather than replace.  We tried Mighty Putty on **four** outdoor applications.  In each instance, we worked carefully, following all the steps and applying just **exactly** as directed.  We applied it in the **best of outdoor conditions**--not too hot and not too cold.  Mighty Putty seemed to harden and hold for a little while and then, in each case, the "weld" broke with no stress applied. It would not hold the trim on our mailbox, which we attempted to repair with Mighty Putty*** twice***, nor did it work on a small outdoor side table, or the flag holder we tried to attach to the brick on our home,  We have given up on Mighty Putty.  It doesn't matter how many times you double the order, nothing is still worth nothing.


Rockvale, TN


Mighty Putty worked for me


I kept seeing it on tv thinking yea right it will work on somethings but not everything they are saying. Like I wouldnt try to hang from a hat using super glue. But we have a gate latch that we been trying to fix and my husband be a very handy man.and a busy one too, had fixed it a couple of times. I had a coupon for Bed,Bath and Beyond and seen it there I said what the heck not paying full price for it so I will give it a try. When I got home I tried it on the gate latch and it worked. My hubby was a little impressed, cause I didnt put it on perfectly straight. Oh I wanted to mention that the gate latch was on the side of the house with mortor,its a brick home.


Saint Louis, MO


Mighty Putty is a great product!


**If you are looking for something that really works, as the ads claim it does, Mighty Putty is it. I was skeptical until I tried it and now I am sold on it! I had an old, three- tiered, cast iron water fountain which was broken. The top tier wouldn't attach even when someone tried to weld it. I used Mighty Putty to attach it, and it was an uneven surface, and it has held fast ever since!**


Mc Rae, AR


Works good so far


So far I have used this stuff to repair 5 kitchen chairs and a cupboard door and it is working very well.  It can stay on your fingers while your applying it to the surface you want it on, but the clean up is very quick and easy with soap and water.


Buffalo, NY


I had such high hopes!


I did have such high hopes for this product. A mug with a broken handle, a key with a broken header, the gas cap assembly on my scooter. All needed fixing, and still do. While the putty is easy to use, it just doesn't follow through with the promises made on TV or on the package. The handle on the mug fell off within days. The key header didn't last an hour. The scooter repair never worked at all. It doesn't smell too great either! A bit like sulfur. Don't cut it with anything you hope to ever use again because once the stuff has dried on, it's like trying to chisel concrete. That lead me to believe that it would actually work, but again, I was disappointed. Now I have 3 tubes of useless Mighty Putty. Anyone want it?


Seattle, WA


Mighty Putty Epoxy Sticks

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