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Miele S4582 Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Quiet, quiet, quiet! And it cleans, too!


This vacuum is quiet enough that my husband can use it in the next room and I can sleep right through it...except for the sound of him banging about, moving furniture, etc. which will wake me...but I don't mind, because I am happy the chore is getting done! I have fibromyalgia and CFS with myofascial pain, so I rarely get to vacuum. It is too painful. But when I have to do a small area, I am able to use this, and still breathe. It is safe enough for kids to use (with supervision) and they are unafraid of it, since it is so quiet. It has a safety release valve in the handle, in case the drapes get sucked in. Has a HEPA filter! Exhaust air will still smell, but nothing like our old vacuums. But Replacement parts are way too expensive. Maneuverability Light enough for me to lift. Wheels are multi-direcrional. But wheels do get caught on area rugs. Ease of Maintenance Hubby does the cleaning of it, bag-changing etc. Bag change looks easy. Suction Performance Adjustible, using your foot, and it has a safety release valve on the handle, to release suction if the drapes or something gets caught. Picks up cat hair when I clean the cat bed, using the upholstery tool. Versatility I had to buy a special head for hardwood floors. The one that came with scares me...like it might scratch. But the husband uses it. Design Looks good, has two slots for storing the handle in when in storage. Up or down position. Also, the attachments stay on board. However, the metal tube (?) is heavy when using on ceilings, walls, etc. Arms tire quickly. Also, the parts are hard to separate. I need help to change heads, or remove the handle from the tube. I got a lightweight plastic attachment set...has a 20 ft. Long hose, so I can do the stairs, ceiling corners, with less pain. Durability One of the clips that hold the adjustable length, telescoping tubes failed, and does not stay fully extended. A replacement is too expensive.


Hilo, HI


Miele S4582 Bagged Canister Vacuum

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