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Miele Quartz Canister Vacuum

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Neat, lightweight powerful vacuum cleaner


Our previous Miele whilst functionally good was characterized by some design features that led to easy breakage. In this unit, they eliminated a dedicated storage compartment (the source of problems) choosing instead to store tools on hose mounted carriers. The result is a more compact extremely lightweight design with no compromise to cleaning power. Maneuverability The unit is so compact anf lightweight that almost anyone can take it to any part of the house, even a two story unit. Ease of Maintenance Barring a catastrophe, maintenance is confined to changing bags and from time to time the HEPA fiter Suction Performance The more compact design has not compromised suction. Versatility Being lightweight, it is no big deal to take the unit wherever it is needed Design Sleek and good looking but still a great performer Durability Too soon to tell but based on our old unit lasting 10 years and stilL being functional when we traded it in, we expect no problems.

Macon, GA


Miele Quartz Canister Vacuum

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