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Miele Canister Vacuum

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Good vacuum, but wouldnt buy again


I got this vacuum as a gift. I had heard that Miele'e were top of the line, and even better than dysons. I had used a dyson prior to this, and some other cheap vacuums. I have to say I am not thoroughly impressed by its suction or anything, other than its small and compact. I really wanted to love this vacuum. Pros: It compacts itself easily and nicely, and the sound when you start it kind of revs up to maximum volume, so it starts off soft. Cons: not THAT great considering how much they cost, although, I think it will last me a long time (I hope?) and it has bags. I would rather not have to worry about running out of bags and going out to buy more bags when I need to vacuum.


West Babylon, NY


A surprisingly great investment.


I'm the kind of person that would rather spend a little more money on a product that will last. But when it comes to something as unglamorous as a vacuum cleaner, I wasn't sure if I was ready to get something quite so spendy. After a lot of research and reading hundreds of reviews, I decided to take the plunge. It was the right decision. It's amazingly quiet, maneuvers easily, has all the necessary attachments I need--hardwood floors, rugs, deep carpets, upholstery, etc.--and it's extremely effective at sucking up EVERYTHING. I've now owned this vacuum for five years and have never had a problem. The one thing that's a little irksome is that the HEPA filter bags don't seem to hold a lot. Maybe that's just because they're sucking up so much more dirt and allergens. If that's a concern, you could always buy the standard bags which last a lot longer. Bottom line: I love this vacuum. You will too.


Stamford, CT


Frustrating Disappointment


Thinking this would be the last vac I'd ever buy, I paid more than ever & stocked up on filters & bags. It has been back in the shop 3 times in as many years - and there is a new "trick" to overcome every 5th time I use it. Now the stair cleaning attachment stopped rotating. I just lugged it into the trunk for the last time & will be exchanging it for another brand.. Ease of Maintenance We have never had such regular trouble with a vacuum cleaner. Trouble-shooting has been difficult. Suction Performance Erratic - the hose seems to collect and clog more than other vacuums I have owned. Versatility In theory, it would be great for stairs as well as carpeted floors. But now the (additional) stair attachment has simply stopped rotating. This is the last straw. Durability Maybe I got a lemon. But this pricey machine has been an exercise in frustration.




Miele S5481 outlasts most cars


I cannot really think of how a person would explain to decent company why any family has needed to buy vacuum bags and have them shipped internationally. Yet for a good portion of the past 20 years, my family did just that. Our Miele came to the United States with us in 1987. Recently, my grandmother sent us a brand new Miele S5481 and it is just as amazing as the one that has served our family for over 2 decades. We wont be using it anytime soon though. As my mother explained, we need to keep the new one in perfect shape just in case the antique she lugs around the house happens to fail in some foreseeable future. Maybe my wife and I will use the new one, and who knows maybe a good 20-25 years from now, maybe my son will find himself having to explain why his family has to order vacuum bags from Europe.


Pasadena, CA


Miele Canister Vacuum

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