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Miele Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Great Vacuum Though Expensive


I've had this vacuum for almost two years now and overall am very satisfied. Pros: Cleans dog hair well The small powerbrush allows you to get into small spots and vacuum around stuff requiring less moving of furniture, chairs, toys, etc. You can use the powerbrush to vacuum your couch, mattress, etc. This is awesome if you have a dog who is allowed on the couch or bed. You can go from carpet to hard floors easily. The power brush does a great job picking up dirt and hair alongside the walls. Less need to change attachments to get the edges. - You can be sure that all the dust and particles are staying in the vacuum. With other vacuums I've used, even ones with HEPA filters, when x-mas came around I would vacuum pine needles from the tree. Then you would get a fresh pine scent every time you vacuumed. While I miss the fresh pine scent. I now realize that my old vacuums were shooting dust/allergens/etc back into the air. - You can get under things you never could with an upright. THe profile of the power brush is just a few inches. Cons: -Price -Bags are kind of expensive, don't last that long, and in general are a large amount of waste. -Sometimes you have to hold the power button down for a while to get the vacuum to come on. -Short cord. It wasn't a problem in my old house because I had a very centrally located outlet, in my new home however I am constantly having to move where the vacuum is plugged in. - The small powerbrush means you cover less ground with a swipe. General Comments: It is different vacuuming with a cannister vacuum than an upright. There are somethings I miss about an upright, but somethings I prefer with the cannister. Overall the way this vacuum feels is different than what you would expect. The powerbrush is light so you'd expect it to be easy to push, but because the suction is so great it isn't. It kind of feels like mopping. If you upgrade one level higher you get more of the traditional upright vacuum feel. If this vacuum lasts 15-20 years like it is advertised to I will be 100% satisfied.


Everett, WA


This is the best Vac I have ever owned


I have had this Vacuum for about 6 months now and am extremely pleased with it!!!  I far outperforms anything I have ever had before which includes a Dyson.   This picks up more without loss of suction than Dyson ever could.  I work in retail but don't sell these and when talking to a rep about them being bagged rather than bag less like Dyson the rep said you could suck up everything out of the Dyson after running it in your living room and filling the canister without loss of suction.  Obviously I tried this with my Dyson and he was right. I then ran it over the same living room that filled the Dyson canister (which I vacuumed out with the Miele) and it picked up the rest of the cat hair the Dyson left behind.


Indianapolis, IN


Miele Bagged Canister Vacuum

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