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Miele Bagged Canister Vacuum

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Does not pick up


I bought this vacuum with high hopes. Well I am quite disappointed with it . It has terrible suction and won't even pick up little pebbles. I can keep the same bag for months because it barely sucks anything up. My daughter eats those nerds candies and I tried to vacuum one of those up and it wouldn't. Never would I recommend this nor will I ever buy another.


Linwood Massachusetts


Miele is ok, but it is no Dyson Animal Ball


This is my second vacuum. I own the Dyson Animal Ball as well. The Miele does a good job, but there are reasons I prefer my Dyson to the Miele: 1) Dyson = no bags! This saves serious money if you have pets and have to vacuum like I do. I hate messing with bags, and I hate paying for them. 2) The Dyson picks up more than the Miele. I did a test, where I put a brand new, empty bag in the Miele, and vacuumed a room. Then I went over the same room in my Dyson with an empty cannister. The Dyson picked up what the Miele left behind. Reasons why you might prefer the Miele to the Dyson, however: 1) you don't have pets, and don't need to vacuum as I (2-3x week). 2) it is nice that with the Miele, it sucks up the cord for easy storage. I like that feature a lot, the Dyson doesn't have it. 3) you prefer the tag along vacuum to the upright style 4) I think the attachments are easier to use on the Miele than the Dyson. This isn't an issue for me, as I rarely use the Dyson attachments. Maneuverability I prefer the upright style, myself.


Watkinsville, GA


My yellow Miele has survived 3 dogs and is still going strong!


I received my Miele canister vacuum about 7 years ago when I first bought my house.  At the time, I was a single woman with 2 big dogs.  The Miele tackled all the dog hair with ease and never lost suction power except when the bag was full.  It's now 7 years later and I have aquired a husband, another big dog, and have 2 small children.  No matter how often I use my Miele or how big the job is, I am never disappointed.  It has never lost suction in the past 7 years, and I have never had to take it in to be serviced.  It comes standard with a hard wood attachment, but many other attachments can be purchased.  I bought the attachment for rugs/carpets and I really like it.  It has a turbo spinning brush to really pick up all the hairs and dirt from the floor.  The vacuum bags are a little more expensive than I am used to, but the bags are truly top notch - they are designed to not let any allergens back into the air.  And they are so easy to install/remove too!  When this Miele dies I will definitely buy another one.


Cleveland, OH


Miele Bagged Canister Vacuum

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