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Metamucil Fiber Laxative/Supplement: Berry Burst!

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Gross, and gives you the runs


When I saw that this was a fiber laxative, I got it for times when standard fiber just wasn't cutting it. I made myself a glass, and it was so unpleasant I had to drink 16 oz. of water just to remove the taste from my mouth. Then, instead of a standard fiber effect of a normal bowel movement, I got violent diarrea. Not recommended.



Great taste, easy to use & it works!!!


I have had chronic constipation since I was 12. I'm now 57. I have GERD and can't use any product that's acidic. I've had to use the Orange Metamucil lately due to the unavailability of the Berry. The orange was rough on my stomach. THANKFULLY, the Berry is available again... I don't know where it went??? ... so things are better all the way around for me. Thanks for the return of the Berry Flavored Metamucil



I couldn't get passed the smell and taste of Metamucil Fiber Lax


  When I received two samples of Metamucil Berry Burst flavor, in the mail, I figured I would try it, before purchasing a large container of it. A few weeks ago I felt bloated, and my stomach was really uncomfortable, but nothing was happening.  I remembered the Metamucil, so grabbed it and read the instructions. I got a glass and added 8 ounces of water to it.  Next I cut off the top of the packet and tipped the sandy colored powder into it.  Immediately it turned to red. I put it up to my nose and couldn't pinpoint the smell, but it wasn't pleasing at all.  I stirred the powder, and it started to thicken up a little.  When I lifted out the spoon it clung just slightly to it. So I tasted it and it just had a watered down type of taste.  Nothing enjoyable.I was determined to drink it, and I had to hold my nose, and gulp it down.  I managed three quarters of the glass before I gave up on it.  I have really tried to think of a similar tasting product, but even those cheap powdered drinks you can buy for the kids, are one hundred percent nicer tasting, and smelling than this. Therefore I am unable to tell you how good this worked for me.  I did go to the toilet, and must assume that it was due to the Metamucil, but would never find out for sure, as there is no way I would purchase the 23 ounce plastic container. This product is  "Dr. Recommended", and is made with 100% natural psyllium fiber.  It is sugar free, artificially flavored and states that it is a 'smooth texture'. From the packaging:"Helps your natural cleansing process'Helps lower cholesterol.Promotes overall well-being.Provides a good source of natural fiber."It contains both soluble and insoluble fibers.  Active ingredient is psyllium husk.  Other ingredients are:maltodextrin, natural & artificial flavor, citric acid, malic acid, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, and food colorings are added to make it pink, when added to water.This can be taken up to 3 times a day, for an adult, or age 12 and above.  For children 6 to 11 use half the amount, up to 3 times a day. I have no idea how anyone could take it 3 times a day.  I would rather eat my fiber in grains and cereals, than have to endure this again. Effectiveness I assume it works, as I couldn't drink the whole glass. Ease of Use Impossible as it smells, and tastes, so bad. Immediacy I did go to the toilet so assume it was this product.

New Port Richey, FL


Provides fiber, but doesn't help me.


I have tried many laxatives and fiber supplements trying to get my stomach to work better as I'm a sufferer of chronic constipation. I tried this metamucil for a week or two to see if it would help my stomach get into a more regular pattern, and all that it managed to do was give me severe cramping and stomach pain, while it didn't help regulate my bowels at all. It's a little thick and does have an aftertaste when mixed in any beverage, which is why I'd recommend some product that isn't quite so thick. The flavor is good, but after constant stirring, it's still a bit thick and doesn't dissolve completely. I'd recommend anyone that uses this use it with a warm beverage, as it melts easier in that than it does a cold beverage, and isn't quite so thick. I'm sure this would probably help others who are in need of fiber, however I didn't get any results, and for how expensive this product is, I wouldn't be able to rationalize buying it since I didn't receive any benefit from it.  

Savannah, GA


Metamucil Fiber Laxative/Supplement: Berry Burst! It works.


It probably makes sense for me to say that I don't often take laxatives.  During normal periods I'm about as regular as rain.  Constipation is not something that I've had to deal with often. I'm sure part of it is genetic and part of it has to do with eating habits.  My family eats a very high fiber diet and fiber is important for keeping your digestive system in shape and moving. But of course there have been times when I've done some foolish eating, such as wolfing down a half pound of macadamia nuts that caused my digestive system to grind to a painful halt.  That's when you need a really fast acting laxative.  And, if that's what you need, this isn't it.  This is more a maintenance type of laxative.  Something to include in your daily diet to keep you regular. It doesn't have the immediate effects of citrate of magnesia, glycerin suppositories, a tall glass of prune juice or a stiff dose of castor oil. I've been using this Metamucil product for the past week.  I've been taking it to counter the constipating effects of the painkiller I'm takng (Vicadin) while I'm waiting to have hernia surgery next week.  Narcotic painkillers are nortorious for their constipating properties. **Using Metamucil** Metamucil Berry Burst is very easy to use.  A rounded teaspoon mixed into at least 8 ounces of water is what's recommended.  The result is a reasonably pleasant sweet berry flavored liquid, a little on the thick side.  I find it's best to just drink it down in one grand effort. The manufacturer recommends starting off with one dose per day and working up to the desired three doses. **How's it Working?** I'd say it's doing its job nicely.  The psyllium fiber is gentle on my system and hasn't had any unwanted effects often associated with more immediate types of laxatives. **My Viewpoint** It's not likely that I'll continue my Metamucil regimen once my surgery is completed since this is not the type of problem I have on an ongoing basis.  But, if you're looking for a regular fiber laxative/supplement to keep your digestive system moving, Metamucil Berry Burst is a pleasant way of going about it. Rudi 

Boca Raton, FL


Metamucil Fiber Laxative/Supplement: Berry Burst!

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