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Merrick Wingaling Canned Dog Food

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My dogs love it!


Merrick Wingaling Canned Dog Food is a great product. For one, my dogs go absolutely nuts over this! It's made with whole, real chicken and a bunch of other real food items, rather than fillers! It can be a little pricey, but it's worth every penny. Merrick carries a whole bunch of different flavors with unique and fun names and has an awesome design to the cans. My dogs beg for this stuff! I beg you to give it a try!



looks good enough for people to eat


This is quality dog food, with names reflecting the ingredients. There are several varieties, and the ingredients are recognizable food  such as duck, turkey, beef and chicken, with  various vegetables , apples and brown rice.  The chicken, by the way, includes the bones which are cooked in a way that they are completely digestable and not at all brittle. They practically fall apart in your hand. There is a can that is called wing-a-ling than has chicken wings that your dog can eat. This product is worth  the extra money. Just don't confuse it with people food.

Bridgeport, NY


Merrick Wingaling Canned food is wonderful!!!!


We came across Merrick Wingaling canned dog food at the petstore and just had to try it. I could not be happier with this product! My dogs absolutly love it! It is real chicken wings with bones, and its cooked so that the bones are edible for the dogs. There is a note right on the can from the chef about the chicken bones being okay for the dogs to eat. The bones just break apart, so no sharp bones! One of the closest canned dog foods I have found to real people food!!!! And..it has lots of juice in the can to pour over the hard dogfood if you mix it up like we do! I take the chicken wings out first and then cut the chicken up and bones, and then add to their hard dog food. The juice is almost like a gravy, to just pour over the top. My little beagle is very picky about her dog food, and this has to be one of her absolute favorites! Of course, what dog would not like real whole chicken wings!!!

Saint Paul, MN


My dog loves this.


 Merrick Wingaling food, what can I say but great. My lab Cheyenne love this food and I love that it is good for her.  She know exactly when it is time to be feed and what cabinet that it is kept in. She doesn't leave that bowl when I put it in until every piece of food is gone.

Canyon Lake, TX


Very well made and balanced diet for your dog!


This product is very good for any dogs with digestive problems and sensative stomaches. This not only help older dogs act like puppies and gives them new found energy. It also, improves their coats. The ingredients are not only healthier for your dog but also, promote a longer life and stronger bones. They are a vast varieties of flavors for even the pickiest of dogs. Depending on you dog they could eat much less food because they are becoming fuller due to the quality of the ingredients. The fact that it is made in the US is also, a huge deal. No added stress of the food becoming tampered with over seas.  

Jacksonville, FL


Stay Away, or risk your dogs life


Had my dogs on this food for two years before realizing what it was doing to my dogs digestive system. Can you say colitis? I can, with both my dogs having horrible bouts with diarrhea and intestinal problems. Believe me they are well trained and the only things they were eating was this food. Thats two dogs two different breeds - same problems. Switched their food and literally overnight I saw a difference in their stool and their digestive problems virtually disappeared. Plus my vet informed me he has treated several dogs for stomach problems due to this food. He also removed a bone from a dogs intestine after it had cause lacerations from eating a can of Merrick wet food with so called "soft" bones. BAD BAD BAD!! Stay away!

New York, NY


This is as good as Homemade


I use this food to flavor my dog's dry food.  He loves it and loves the variety. He is a working dog and deserves the best.  This product is worth every penny.  Not only is it delicious and your dog will love it, it is packed with vitamins and healthy food.  The products have large chunks of meat and vegetables filled with flavor.  They look almost good enough to try for myself.  There is a thick gravy in most all of the selections that is great for mixing in.  Instead of unhealthy table scraps and nibbles, make it a healthy choice with Merrick. 

Solebury, PA


Merrick Wingaling Canned Dog Food

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