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Member's Mark Ranitidine Heart Burn Relief

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If I'd have known it was that easy, I would have used it first!!


My husband gets acid reflux SO BAD. He gets them pretty much no matter what he eats... but worse on food like spaghetti or tacos... and he gets it real bad if he's stressed out. Anyways... nights like that he eats Tums like they are potato chips, chugs Malox like its a milk shake and NOTHING HAPPENS. My mom got him a bottle of these pills (comparable to Zantac) about 2 weeks ago. He religiously takes these pills (3 at a time) right before bed and he HASN'T HAD HEARTBURN SINCE (and the first night he took them I made chicken caciatore to give them a good run for their money)!!! These have been the miracle drug for him for 2 weeks now. I'm going to ask my doctor about taking these for long term use and if he says anything bad I will update the review... but I don't see why, they seem harmless.


Brookfield, IL


Member's Mark Ranitidine Heart Burn Relief

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