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Heals Skin
Melaleuca MelaGel Topical Gel

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I love the product in the disc, because I can carry it in the glove compartment of the car and it will stay firm. My daughter prefers the tube because it is easy to apply! Both forms are the best you can get, healing almost anything with its natural formula that won't be subject to the problems of man made formulas. The melaleuca oil is a natural antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and great for everything. I keep one in each vehicle. Great of insect bites, especially for extra sensitive people. Worth a Melaleuca membership!


Childress, TX


perfect for facial problems/ cuts or scrapes


I had a severe case of facial herpes and a nurse friend had some at the place of work. I applied this product and within a few days (3) most disapered. Effectiveness aliminated the problem with three applications. Ease of Application went on very smooth, easily applied Side Effects no side effects at all




Great product to help cuts, abrasions, etc., heal faster.


Melaleuca's MelaGel Topical Gel is a must-have for your first aid kit and to keep handy around the house and office. Minor cuts, scrapes and insect bites or stings all heal quicker when MelaGel is applied. It creates a protective barrier, sealing the wound against germs while infusing it with antibacterial melaleuca oil. It also conditions the skin, giving less opportunity for a scar to appear due to scab formation. It also helps to take the pain out of the injury. The main ingredient of Melaleuca's MelaGel is 23% melaleuca oil. But it also includes bees wax, wheat germ oil and cocoa butter to soften your skin, plus vitamins A, D3 and E to nourish and hydrate your skin. MelaGel comes in two packages: a tube and a disc. They both work equally well, so choose whichever form you prefer for your needs. Melaleuca's MelaGel is a welcome addition to my household's first aid, and we keep it in two bathrooms as well as the home office. I know you'll be glad to add it to your kit, too.


Gulf Shores, AL




**I am very happy to report: "I have Melaleuca MelaGel Topical Gel Tube in my house." As I think, having this natural healing aid should be a requirement for all scrapes and abrasions, for soothing burns, for healing minor cuts and bruises as well.  On the serious side, Melaleuca purports  making all natural products.  I believe it to be true, just try reading the list of ingredients, you'll find words listed on their product labels**** much easier to read and understand without going to get a Thesaurus to dissect the words and explain the meanings.** **Melaleuca Melagel is not harsh and painful, it is most tolerable to the most tenderest of skin types.  When you have little ones, this is the perfect ointment to use, you don't have to contend with all the screaming....Ouch! It hurts!  I don't want you to put that on me.  You just put it on and forget it.  Melaleuca Melagel can rival that Neosporin Gel any day of the week in as far as its healing effects and reducing the signs of scarring.  When it comes to the price, you will consider purchasing Neosporin over Melaleuca MelaGel Topical Gel as this gel gets to be a little pricey.** **In comparison, between Neosporin and Melaleuca Melagel, with Neosporin you can buy this item in various varieties and tube sizes, Melaleuca....not so much.  Anything Melaleuca, you're going to pay a hefty price for having all natural products.  Just off the cuff, I love that Tub & Tile Cleaner, they have this deodorant called Alloy, it is worth all the tea in China to own.  It's a mans product, my husband loves it and so do I. **


Chicago, IL


Melaleuca MelaGel Topical Gel

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