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Maxx Ice
Maxx Ice 50lb Ice Maker


Complete Your Kitchen With a 50 lb. Ice Maker Machine

There's always room for ice with this convenient Maxx Ice 50 lb. ice maker. Perfect for in-wall installation or free-standing, this ice maker outputs 50 lbs. of ice per day, with a 25 lb. storage capacity for added peace of mind. Your party will be ready to enjoy frosty beverages with this handy appliance at arm's reach. It's a perfect fit, too, for small commercial use in any size kitchen. Its energy-efficient capabilities mean you won't break the bank for water or energy bills.

This 50 lb. ice maker is finished with a smooth, sleek stainless steel front that suits any kitchen design. Don't worry about it making too much: Automatic overflow prevention means you have just the right amount all the time. There's no concern of condensation with this machine, either, and it has superior insulation. It's a Slab Cube NSF and UL-listed for safe commercial use.

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Doesn't work well


I purchased this Maxx Ice Maker 3 months back and I am not happy with its overall performance. This product was the second ice maker I owned and though it was pricy, I decided to buy it after the recommendation of the store employee. The ice maker worked very well for the first 2 months and the ice cubes produced were crystal clear and it could produce many ice cubes in a very less time. I was quite worried about the supply of ice and the overflow but the storage bin was a relief and it helped to control the number of ice cubes produced inside the product due to its automatic overfill prevention feature. However, after two months of using the product, the product started giving me trouble. The ice cubes used to break in the hand and the taste also was weird in spite of using distilled water. The product even started utilizing too much electricity and my bill was almost double the amount charged the previous month and the ice maker was the only addition in the house.



Solid Ice Maker


In my opinion, this ice maker is very reliable and easy to use, making it an essential and commonly operated facility in my home. This ice maker can produce surprisingly substantial quantities of ice at a time. With such speed and swiftness it has become easy to fabricate large amounts of ice in a short amount of time thus making the purchase of ice bags at store nearly obsolete. Similarly, Maxx Ice 50lb Ice Maker is a reliable and durable piece of machinery as it has not once given me a problem. Likewise, it's ease of use is very high for such a high output machine. Overall I would definitely recommend this ice maker to others that are in the market for a similar product or are in a situation where they constantly need of ice.



Maxx Ice 50lb Ice Maker

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