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Frigidaire 14 cu. ft. Upright Freezer #FFU1423D

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The best part is the alarm that goes off if it looses power. no more spoiling. We upgraded from a chest style freezer & I love that I can see everything, no more loosing things in the bottom of the freezer. Lots of storage. I really like the baskets as a catch all for the random smaller items. The door shelf are very sturdy. Well built!

Clarkfield, MN


Love my Frigidaire upright freezer.


When my freezer of twenty years decided to quit working I went shopping for a new one. I went to several dealers and compared prices and features. I wound up getting a Frigidaire 14 cubic foot upright freezer. I love how roomy and organized it is. There are 4 roomy shelves for stacking my home frozen foods from my garden, many pockets on the door for storing those off-shaped item that do not stack well, and a basket in the bottom to store those hams and tureys and roasts for those family holiday dinners. One feature I love is the window on the outside of the door where you can view the freezer temperature at all times. If the door is not shut it lets you now that also. This freezer is also very energy efficient. I would recommend this economically priced freezer to those needing an efficient new freezer.

Mount Wolf, PA


Works Great and stores a lot


We have had our freezer for about a year now and it works great. There is a lot of space and along with the shelving built into the doors and the bin drawer at the bottom, it is easy to keep organized. Also, it doesn't seem to consume a lot of energy which helps our power bill as well.

Calera, AL


Love my freezer!


I think this is a great little freezer.  It is compact but is deep enough to hold a significant amount of food.  It's proven reliable with even temperatures.  When we had a power outage (about four hours), I did not find any signs of melting. I'm glad I chose an upright.  It is so much easier to store, locate and pull food than a chest.  The light is bright and illuminates all, making it easy to locate items too.  The five shelves on the door are deep enough for a loaf store-bought bread.  Cleaning is easy.  I turned it off, opened the doors, removed the food and was able to clean it within an hour.  It defrosted very quickly.  I let the ice fall onto a couple of towels on the bottom.  The freezer needs to be defrosted about every six months.   The shelves are sturdy and well-spaced.  My favorite thing is the drawer at the bottom.  It is WONDERFUL for pre-made casseroles and holds a lot!    

Seneca Falls, NY


Frigidaire 14 cu. ft. Upright Freezer #FFU1423D

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