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Mastercard - Gold Credit Card

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All that's Gold May not Be


Mastercard Gold credit cards can be both good and bad, depending on how you use them. If you use them to earn rewards, and pay off your monthly balance in full then it like many credit cards can be great. It saves you from having to carry cash around and makes buying easy. Many of the newer cards also have the "chip", installed (which is an added security feature). The major downside of this credit card beside the annual fee, is if you do not pay the monthly balance in total each month. You then start getting charges a high interest rate (not quite loan shark levels, but still quite substantial), This high interest rate not only is applied to the outstanding balance, but on every future purchase, until you get out of this crazy cycle. It is easy to get into paying charges that are quite substantial. This is the main problem with this card and most credit cards. Overall I do like them though, since if you use them correctly not only can they save you money but also provide you with rewards.

Beverly Hills, CA


If you have to use one, this should be it!


When I did have to use credit cards I used several different ones.  I would get one to pay off the other as long as it had a better percent.  When I came across Master Card they had the better percent and they kept being better so I never had to change.  I have paid it off now but if I had to have another credit card I would still use the Master Card Gold.

Brewton, AL


It is accepted every where that cash is


I think that all credit cards are to easy to use and for someone that is trying to get their finances back on track they should not use any form of credit unless you pay the balance off every month it is way to easy to just pay the minimum payment and all that does is get you further in to debt. Credit cards are not for the week.

New London, WI


accepted everywhere you go.


mastercard is the best it can go where ever you go. easy to maintain if you always pay more than the minimun and purchase thing you were going to purchase anyway not stuff you don't need or can't live without.  you can get by cheaper using your master card than buying stuff at rent to own centers,plus you build up your credit and lower your percentage rate on your card. i always use my card for gas purchases and food shopping because that is something i'am going to have to buy anyway. never get cash back because thats the quickest way to run up unnessary charges. never leave home without your mastercard.

Rolla, MO


Mastercard - Gold Credit Card

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