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Mary Kay
Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion 3

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Works great for my oily skin


I've always had trouble with my oily, greasy skin. Luckily, my sister started selling Mary Kay and set me up with several products to help control my greasy face. This has been a big help, along with the other products in the set. My face still gets greasy, but at a much slower rate and never to the extent that it used to. I am a man, and proud to use this product because it helps me feel better about my look, and it doesn't leave a feminine scent behind. Effectiveness This lotion has helped decrease the oil on my face without actually drying out my skin. Dry patches and oily skin are two problems I have, ironically. Now I don't have to worry about the dreaded shine or stickiness that comes with oily skin. Ease of Application After cleansing with the oil control face wash, I just simply apply this lotion to my face. It's that easy. Scent There is no scent, which is great, because as a man, I don't want a flowery scent on my face all day! Also, the scent-free formula is better for those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain scents.



Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion 3

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