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Malt-O-Meal Blueberry Muffin Tops Cereal

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The best cereal ever!!!


My all time favorite cereal!!!

Salt Lake City, utah


Beware of the after effects


I love the taste and I love the smell.... but once it goes in.... it sits there in a gassy form and causes pain....(at least for my familly) and then all that gas comes out. And it is not that pleasant. I just ate half of a bowl and I am in pain.It causes me (and my family) bloating, gas, and excrement.Love the taste though...

San Antonio, TX


Muffin Tops are delicious, packed with flavor, healthy and cheap


I have never been this excited about a cereal to write a review. They are like Cinnamon Toast Crunch but blueberry flavored. Very Delicious, whole grain, 12 vitamins and minerals, and are only 1.99 for 11.0 oz. TIP!!! ALDI sells Blueberry Streusel Squares, which are the EXACT same thing, for 1.89, they even have the same muffin picture on the box. No matter which you choose, this cereal is AWESOME!

Mantua, OH


yummy and warm!


I just recently tried these and was pleasantly surprised by their flavor.  I was skeptical only becuase of the name but it was on sale and so I thought I could give it a chance.  I definitley will buy these agian for my family.

Ridgefield, CT


Too fake tasting.


This cereal ranks as one of the worst I've had.  I love most cereals.  I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  This cereal has a very artificial taste to it.  It almost tastes chemical in nature.  Beware that if you buy this cereal, you may not enjoy it.  On the positive side, I did like the texture of the cereal pieces.  It is very similar to cinnamon square cereals.  I would not buy Blueberry Muffin Tops cereal again.

Bourbonnais, IL


Sweet Blueberry Flavor


I absolutely love cereal and I love having it in the mornings to start off the day, so when I heard that you could combine the great taste of fresh muffins with cereal, I couldn't wait to try **Malt-O-Meal Blueberry Muffin Tops Cereal**.  I am so glad I tried it because it tastes great.  Each spoonful has lots of crunch and tastes like sweet blueberry muffins straight from the oven.  This cereal has the best part of the muffin, the tops with lots of fresh fruit.  Each serving is about 130 calories and 3.5 grams of fat.  The cereal is sweet, but not too sugary.  This is a great way to start your day and tastes like a bowl full of muffins.

Las Vegas, NV


My Favorite Cereal thus far!


I eat cereal for breakfast nearly everyday of the week.  I don't generally eat this one on a day to day basis. But when I do it's a favorite! I have even made a blueberry pie crust out of crushing this cereal.  If you can't find it in your stores go to the malt-o-meal website.  There is an option to request this product in a store near you!!!  This cereal is like a cinnamon toast crunch texture/look but with blueberry muffin flavors!

Hopkins, MN


mmmm mmmm goood


i love this cereal.  it is discontinued at my local sam's in salina, ks. to say the least i'm heart broken. you can not buy it on ebay...this is ridiculous. my life blows now.  i hate everything and every blueberry  product now. send me some muff tops dangit.

Salina, KS


Malt-O-Meal Blueberry Muffin Tops Cereal

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