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Makita Cordless Drill

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Best Drill I've ever owned


This is the best multipurpose drill that I have ever owned! I've refinished my bathroom from the studs up and there isn't anything that I want it to do that it can't! Durability I purchased the drill used and have had it for 3 years. Still working like new! Battery Charge I have a spare battery that I can't charge any longer. I wish they lasted a little longer.

Bellevue, NE


Best drill I've ever owned


Model # LCT200W - This is by far the best cordless drill I've ever owned. After many craftsman, dewalt and ryobi drills, the Makita has lasted me many more years. This drill is very powerful for its size, the torque can snap your wrist if you're not paying attention but the clutch settings are screw and bolt savers. The compact size has been very flexible to use inside and out of car audio installs but the power this thing packs is more than necessary for home construction jobs. The new LTX battery is fast to recharge and the drill has never skipped a beat. The amount of use time is also more than adequate, I have two batteries and before one is drained, the other was charged hours ago. The drills are durable I don't even bother using the carrying case, it has turned into a glamorous lunch bag. Cons - A little pricey but you get what you pay for! There really isn't anything bad i can say about this drill.

Needham Heights, MA


mikita best drill.


  Mikita drill master 18v cordless drill, is a drill i reconmend using for all work related construction jobs. Makita drills have been around for 30 plus years. Each year makita out does itself by coming out with products that are better and better each year. The mikita drill master 18v cordless drill is used by all traders in constuction. Electricans use them for mounting boxes,installing panels boards. Carpenters use the makita for installing sheetmetal studs, drywall sheets. HVAC technicians use the makita for installing duct work,mounting brackets. The homeowner using the makita for all household honey do's list. These include mount pictures, mounting cabinets, assembling furniture. As you can see the makita comes in handy for just about any project one may come accross. Because of the mikita drill master 18v cordless drill numerous functions can be done with this incredible tool. So i would recomend this drill to anyone wanting a great cordless drill.

San Leandro, CA


greatest cordless drill i've ever used


this drill is small but big enought to handle construction work everyday. when i got my drill i honestly through the other drills away. it has a very helpful light so when your inthe dark you will still be able to do your job,batteries last a very long time (used everyday).charger is very quick charging.

Toccoa, GA


makita 18 volt cordless drill with lithium power the best


i have owned this drill and have used it everyday for a little over a year now and so i wanted to write this review for anyone intrested in purchasing a cordless drill for work or home.this is the makita 18 volt drill with lithium rechargeable batteries can be used as a hammerdrill or regular drill. it never stops until the battery is completely dead and then you put it on the charger(  here;s a great thing) and 15 minutes it's fully charged and ready to go again. nobody in the market today can beat this. i know i work construction and i see them all.when i bought this tool a little over a year ago i thought well why not? because i've always liked makita tools and this one went back to the simple basic black and white design in which it told me they put more into the quality of the tool instead some glow in the dark fancy design for a tool that don't last.not to say that the other ones aren't all pretty and stuff but i go for more quality than looks. so if your looking for a great tool that will last a very long time i highly recommend this one.when i bought mine i paid almost 200.00 for it but you can get them now for alot less. one other thing they have the diplays in the homeimprovement stores all the time stop by and try one out you'll be glad you did.

Carrollton, GA


makita is very dependable providing plenty of battery backup


The Makita drill driver is an excellent and dependable tool. It will last all daylong under very tough conditions or even with a low charge on the battery is able to do small jobs around the house. This driver is easy to hold and manipilate, and rarely do I need to rely on a hand held driver. One suggestion however, always have additional batteries on charge. Depending on the jobs, the charge may not last as long as you would expect.

Springfield, MO


a dependable home tool


The makita cordless drill that i puchased from the home-depot about ten years ago,is still working just fine.I bought this drill to re place my old twelve volt drill that i had purchased from sears and it was also to replace my electric cord style drill that i used at home and at work when needed.I still have one of the two batteries that came wih the original set.I have had to replace one of the batteries.But i must say that after all these years I am very happy that I chose the makita brand.I have always heard from other hand and power tool users that makita brand tools where very dependable, and indeed they are.    Since the time of that purchase,(my first of a makita product ) whenever possible if I am in need of a new or replacement tool , my first choice is a makita product.I don't very often commit my self to recommending products to friend and family,but if the oppurtunity presents it self ,I do suggest that a makita is my first choice in power tools.I hope this review is helpful for those looking at power tool purchases.

Cedar Knolls, NJ


Makita Cordless Drill

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