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DeWalt 12 Volt Cordless Drill

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DeWalt Is "DeBest"!


When it comes to power tools, DeWalt is at the top of the list. I use DeWalt brand tools in my auto repair shop, and I have to say they are the most durable, reliable, and overall best in their field. They are easy and comfortable to use, yet strong enough to handle even the toughest jobs. They are truly the top of their class.



it is a very good drill and works for long time between charges


I have had a Dewalt drill for 12 years and I have had . No problems with it.the power is very remarkable as to how hard it works and what it delivers in power to work with.  I have used it to drill in wood and metal with no problems. It would use more power drilling metal .   I have used ti to hang cieling fans,light fixtures,putting up wall sheet rock. It was good when installing door hinges. Ihave only had to replace one battery and that because it fell and broke,which was not a failure .Keep up  the good work Dewalt .              

Fresno, CA


The DeWalt cordless drills are the best.


I would say that DeWalt Cordless drills are the best around because they hardly ever have any problems at all. Another reason why I like them is because you don't have to worry about dragging a cord behind you and they also have the longest lasting battery life that I have seen. The Dewalt drills will also out last any other cordless drill. They don't take a long time to charge unlike any other brands out there. They are sturdy and durable, like if you drop one it will more than likely keep on going and never stop. Also they are more handier than the electric drills like when you get up on a ldder a you need a drill right then and there, you know that you will always have one right there when yu need it even when it is on its charger. Unlike the electric drills they don't have the tendency to have a break in the cord or likely to short out ig some thing happens to a cord. Well believe that's all I've got to say about the DeWalt drill other than that they are the best kind of drill to have around when you need one.

Little Rock, AR


No dragging the extension cord now that I have the Dewalt.


You know how you say that you have those handful of tools in your toolbox that you can't do without.  The Dewalt 12V cordless drill is one of those tools.  I spent many years needing to drill a simple hole or two and having to get out the extension cord and drag it around the house to do a simple job.  For years now that I have had this drill, I just grab it and get right to work.  The 12V model gives me enough power.  If I needed more, I could have gone to a higher volt model, but for my jobs, this one is fine.  I just need to remember every so often that when I am in the area where I store the drill, I look over a give the two batteries a quick charge.  If the batteries sit too long, they will weaken a bit.  With 2 batteries and the quick charge charger, you can use one and have the other one on the charger waiting to be used.  A great tool to have around for sure.  Price is reasonable and perfect for the household or yard jobs that I have to do.

Plainville, CT


Dwrain the Bathtub I'm Dwrilling with the Dewalt


Well our family has had it's share of fixer up jobs to contend with.  The most recent of which has been the tile that fell off in the shower and the leaking roof that caused the sheet rock to turn an ugly brownish black color.  Our previous drill broke in that it used to go in two directions and now it only goes in one since the switch broke off when I dropped it!!  The **Dewalt cordless Drill** has been durable enough for my clumsy attempts to fix our broken and neglected stuff.  I have had the help of my teenaged son and we have used it to pre-drill holes into the ceramic backerboard and studs, prior to drilling  sheetrock. It makes the switch from drill to screwdriver with ease and is quick in the transition.  It even survived a drop from a higher place than the previous drill......wilth out any consequences.  It was also nice to have the added power as the 12v is an upgrade.  It came with two batteries so you can switch out to a fresh one when the current one dies. The fun/cool feature is the LED light that comes on to illuminate the area that you will be drilling. Learning lots about power tools and fixing up stuff, so I'm off to the next project.

Midland, TX


DeWalt 12 Volt Cordless Drill

4.8 5