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Magic Chef
Magic Chef Automatic 1.5 lb. Bread Maker

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u8sed it for years


I have used my machine for 8 years until I lost the paddle. I can't find a place to order another one.

Lancaster, Ohio


Homemade bread made easy!


This thing is great!  For mere pennies, we can make pretty much any kind of bread we want AND there are recipes for jam, some doughs and a cake!  Any bread you make with this will not only be cheaper than store-bought, but it will be healthier too.  At first, it seems overwhelming when you have to purchase bread flour, yeast, wheat gluten, etc., but the materials aren't that pricey and they last a long time, as you only use a bit of each for every loaf. By far, the cinnamon-raisin is the best, but we regularly make the white and french bread.  Pros:  cheaper; healthier; easy to use; easy to clean Cons:  The machine is huge and therefore, hard to store; wish it made regular sized & shaped loafs; wish it had instructions for just making all the doughs, so then you can bake in regular loaf pan; All in all, I'm so glad we purchased this breadmaker.  It's fun and easy to use and there is no better smell than freshly baked bread!

Valencia, PA


The Magic Chef Bread Machine allows me to have fresh baked bread


I didn't want a bread machine. I was taught to bake bread by my mother in law and to start using a machine would be mean to her memory. But when my hands started going to sleep and my doctor discovered i had arthris in them, I either had to give up fresh bread of get a machine. I got a machine. Not knowing if I would like using it, I bought the most economical one.  I love it. It works great. The simplicity of it's operation really allows me to just go on with something else and let the machine do it's work. Then before you know it I have home made bread on the dinner table. I've even been able to make jam, which is something I could never get right for some reason. A basket with a couple of jars of home made jam and baked bread is a really nice gift for friends and family especially in the spring when everyone has been missing fresh fruit for a few months. I've been able to do this for a few years now all because of my Magic Chef Automatic 1.5 pound Bread maker.

Seneca, SC


Fresh Baked Bread Ready When You Get Home From Work


 There's nothing like the taste and aroma of freshly baked bread, especially during the winter months and throughout the holiday season.  I remember my Grandmom making bread and doing everything from scratch.  It was basically an all day job, mixing, kneading and letting the dough rise.  Then it still had to bake.  I get the same results, now, with much less work, thanks to my Magic Chef Automatic1.5 lb. Bread-maker.  I've had it for several years and use it alot.  I even use it sometimes in the summer.  The Magic Chef Automatic 1.5 lb. Bread-maker is great for us busy people who like to have fresh bread along with our regular week-night meals.  We not only don't have time to make bread from scratch, we are multi-taskers who would rather cook and shop or cook and clean at the same time.  We want to be able to live our busy lives while still serving fresh, home-made meals to our families.  This machine helps make it possible.   With eight cycles and a timer, you can make any type of bread or dough.  Choose rapid rise, basic, whole wheat, french or sourdough bread or make pretzel, pizza, dinner roll or pasta dough.  There's even a setting where you can make your own jam.  Just put the ingredients in, set the timer and you'll have a loaf of bread in a couple hours.  There is even a delay setting where you can have your bread waiting for you when you get home from work, or make sweet bread overnight for breakfast tomorrow.  Kudos to Grandmom for going to the trouble of making fresh bread from scratch, but why should I if I don't have to?  I just fill the machine, set it and go off to work.  I come home to the aroma of freshly baked bread that is ready to eat along with my dinner.  The Magic Chef Automatic 1.5 lb. Breadmaker is as easy to operate as a crock pot.  Come to think of it, I'll fill the crock pot and the bread machine in the morning and when I get home tomorrow, I'll have beef stew and fresh bread.   Sounds like a plan.

Vineland, NJ


Magic Chef Automatic 1.5 lb. Bread Maker

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