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Magic Chef
Magic Chef 0.9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Microwave with Digital Touch


.9 Cu-Ft Capacity; 900W; Digital Touch; 10 Power Levels; Electronic Controls With Led Display; 30-Sec Express Cooking; Kitchen Timer/Clock/Weight & Time Defrost; 6 Quick Set Menu Buttons

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Works for my needs


I like this microwave, I have had it for a while and find that it works really well. I am not a microwave everything type, but I use it to reheat leftovers and to pop popcorn. Sometimes I find that it heats unevenly, so a part of something will be cold while the rest is plenty hot, but this is usually not a problem. This unit includes pre-settings for popcorn, dinner plate, frozen vegetables, and a few other useful settings. I do have to add a bit of time to the popcorn setting since it is not long enough. I love that it doesn't easily burn my popcorn, but still pops the kernels really well. The unit looks great on my countertop, the black is especially nice and modern looking. It is also not huge so it doesn't take up too much space, but I find that there is still plenty of room inside the microwave for larger items. This was a reasonably priced microwaves that gets the job done. Performance Some unevenness with heating Ease of Cleaning Removable turn plate that is easily washable!



Magic Chef does the job


My Magic Chef microwave is used several times a day, everyday. It's used to heat up leftovers, zap veggies, pop popcorn and much more. Performance After I finally figured out all the different settings I could use ( I should have read the booklet first) I have been extremely pleased with the microwave. It is big enough to cook everything I need, but not so big that it takes up too much room. The only problem I have had is the door release sometimes catches. Settings/Features All of the settings are easy to use. It does an excellent job defrosting meat. You can defrost by time or by weight of the meat. Ease of Cleaning It is very easy to clean up the inside. The glass turntable removes, so you can wash it easily. It is easy to wipe down the inside with a damp sponge. Ease of Use There are several settings for the various ways you would use the microwave. They are easy to use. Durability This microwave is used a lot and have had no problems at all. Design I like design. It blends in well in my kitchen and doesn't take up too much room.

Trenton, TX


A reasonably-priced, if occasionally unevenly heating, microwave


This micrwave will sometimes heat food unevenly, as microwaves are often prone to doing. Unfortunately, this one seems to have issues with uneven heating a bit more often than the average microwave. I'm not sure if this is due to design, or a fault with my particular microwave specifically, but either way it should be taken into account before purchasing this product. Other than that, pricing and quality are both reasonable for the product range.

Atkins, VA


Magic Chef 0.9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Microwave with Digital Touch

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