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MD Sports
MD Sports 48" 12 in 1 Multi Game Table


12 in 1 Game Table Offers Lots of Gaming Action

This Multi Game Table is set tup with 12 different table top games to play. Each layer is detailed for a different tabletop game including: table tennis, billiards, push hockey, basketball, baseball toss, football toss, bean bag toss, bowling, tic-tac-toe, checkers, chess, and backgammon. It's a great addition to any family room and will keep everyone busy playing different games together throughout the day.

The 12 in 1 Game Table has a wooden frame for stability and durability and comes with all the accessories necessary to play the table top games. Some assembly is required and the legs are adjustable. It measures 31 inches high x 48 inches long x 25.38 wide, and weights 90 lbs. Get your game on with this fun 12 in 1 multi table from Kmart.

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Although I am glad that I purchased the MD Sports Multi Game Table, there were a few things that went wrong initially. Putting the unit together was pretty simple until you get to installing the legs. The instructions aren't as clear as I would have liked and if you do it wrong, the holes in the table will not align correctly so you'll have to turn the legs so that the white part points inward. If you do that correctly, the holes will line up well. The other issue I had was the size of the pockets when you are trying to get the pool balls out. It's a bit small - even for a teenager's hand. If you use a two finger swipe you shouldn't have any other trouble out of it. It's a relatively sturdy table and it offers a lot of convenience and value for the price paid. It also really comes in handy for keeping kids entertained without always having to take them somewhere. My children especially enjoy it most when they have sleepovers.




perfect for the game room


This Christmas, we transformed our children's game room by adding one piece of furniture: the MD Sports 48" 12 in 1 Multi Game Table. My younger son is able to play air hockey with his friends for hours while my older daughter and her friends have started teaching themselves how to shoot pool. Help me, I think I am in trouble over here. Being only 48 inches long, the MD Sports multi-game table is able to fit into most spaces, whether that game room be in the attic, basement, or the garage. In our case, the former nursery, also known as the smallest room in the house, is now the home to our MD sports table. There is no need to go out and buy an entire arcade collection of games anymore. The different layers of the table tops are easy to remove and place aside. They have been leaned against countless walls and not scratched them. In addition, they have not damaged the table top, cracked it, or chipped the edges.




Family Fun!


This 12 in 1 table brings back many memories of the nostalgic table games I played growing up! This was probably our kid's favorite gift for Christmas this year! It is loads of fun and I must admit, my husband and I get in on the action with the kids sometimes, too! The Air Hockey is our favorite and probably the main game we play aside from classic pool. All of the games are great though and the table.offers a whole lot of fun for the family for the price. The table is a good size and it is pretty easy to alternate between the different board tops when playing games. We don't use all of the games but it's still an awesome table. I'd recommend it to anyone who loves classic games and doesn't have enough space for an old fashioned pool table. My husband set our up for the kids in about half an hour. He set up in the basement rec room for the kids and it looks great and does not take up a lot of room either.




MD Sports 48" 12 in 1 Multi Game Table

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