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MAC Fluidline - All Shades

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Excellent for the beginner!


I always loved the look of liquid liner, but could never quite get it right myself. MAC's Fluidline gave me the look I wanted, but in a different way! I apply this creamy eyeliner with a very thin brush, and it gives me the line-look of liquid eyeliner but with far more control. This product is so easy to use and creates a very pigmented line that stays on all day. And you don't need to give it time to dry like some liquid liners! I also sometimes use this liner to create a smokey eye by smudging the lines. Definitely recommended!




Best Eyeliner Out There


I have really never been great at applying eyeliner - liquid or otherwise - but MAC Fluidline changed the way I looked at eyeliner forever. I had my makeup done at the MAC counter several months before my wedding, and the makeup artist used Fluidline as her eyeliner of choice that day. Let me say - I fell in love. She taught me how to apply it and it was amazing. I went home with the Fluidline in Blacktrack and have been buying it religiously ever since...and that has been almost 6 years now. I bought two of the brushes that go with it, one that I use regularly and then one as a backup - and I am honestly in love. It can be a little intimidating at first if you're not used to this type of eyeliner process, but I think once you get used to it, you won't want to ever go back to anything else. At least that's how I felt. You can your eyeliner look very mild or bold - it's very easy to adjust the line. And it has staying power. Once you put it on and it dries - it stays put all.day.long. And then some. I definitely give MAC Fluidline two thumbs up, and this is a product I will continue to use for a very long time.




MAC is the best!


MAC Fluidline is the bestttttt make-up out there. and I love this color. MAC always has the prettiest colors, I would choose MAC over ANYTHING on anyday. The color is good for day and night. Going out with friends, going on a hot date, or even just to wear around the house.


Hudson, FL


Easy to use


I really thought this product would be difficult to use just from looking at it but once you have the right tools it is really exceptional. I am one of those people that usually ends up with dark circles under their eyes from eyeliner but this stuff stays forever. Just be sure you have a good makeup remover or it won't come off.


Kennewick, WA


Pretty good, but not my favorite.


My sister purchased this eyeliner along with the brush for me as a gift.  She tried because a friend said that she wore this eyeliner to her grandmother's funeral, cried the whole time and it never smudged or ran.  I have not had the same experience.  It takes some time to get used to applying eyeliner with a brush, for those of us used to using a pencil.  Also, after only about 8 or 9 hours, it started to wear off.  I like the Blitz and Glitz color (black with sparkles) but it doesn't last as long as they make you think it does.  I don't know if I would let my sister spend the money on this again.


Goshen, OH


MAC Fluidline is a great long-lasting cream eyeliner.


MAC's Fluidline is a wonderful cream eyeliner.  It comes in a pot and it is very easy to apply with both the MAC 209 brush as well as the MAC 266 brush depending on your style.  I love the colors Blitz & Glitz (black w/ gold sparkle), Blacktrack (matte black), and Lithograph (metallic gunmetal silver).  The product is very smooth and easy to apply but also easy to remove as well.


Gardners, PA


Long-wearing, smooth, one of the best!


MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack is officially my holy grail eyeliner. It's amazingly smooth and stays like no other! The eyeliner is really easy to put on and is an intense shade of black. While some eyeliners get smudged or travel, this one stays exactly where you put it. I've even slept without taking my makeup off and it was still perfect the next night! (as was my eyeshadow...yay MAC!!) I really don't know why I never tried it earlier but I would definitely buy this over and over. Usually I don't use up my products because I like to switch between different products but I can see myself buying this again in the future. I've also uesd this on my friends and they've all loved it. I really can't think of an eyeliner that compares to this one if you're a fan of liquid/gel liner. I know some people do prefer pencil or have trouble putting liquid/gel liner on but this is so easy to use that after a few tries my friends are all experts. Definitely give this a try if you want to find an eyeliner that will stay put no matter what!


Barrington, IL


MAC Fluidline is a must have for a beauty diva!


MAC Fluidline is a must have for a beauty diva! I love how silky smooth it glides on and how it stays put all day and then some. I love that I can give a lot of different styles, with my standard being a classic cat eye. Its also really good for using on the inner lid, and will stay all day there as well, though it does burn quite badly. Whoever said fashion know's no pain was dead on! I have been a MAC buyer for several years now and I feel that this product has a lot of room for improvement. My biggest complaint about this eyeliner is how quickly it dries up, even my best friend who was a make-up artist wouldn't go through a pod before it started to get thick and clumpy and hard to work with. I have purchased 3 pods of this eyeliner and it has seemed to dry up in about 3 months even when I am very careful about closing it tightly and quickly. With the price of the product being moderate even for the brand, I feel that they should do something more about the in-pod drying issue.


Dana Point, CA


Only for those with steady hands!


This is NOT the product for me. I will admit that I LOVED it when the makeup artist at the counter used it on me. I was not looking for th for everyday use, but something for special occasions when a more dramatic look was needed. I thought this filled the bill. That is until I tried to use it. Two problems. I feel that I have pretty steady hands but it took me forever aand many tries to get this product on smoothly. It is not very forgiving. Also, as an older adult, I found that the liner emphasized any lines above or below my lids that I had. the worst part was that the product dried out much too quickly and even with additional water added and working with it, I still didn't have a usable product. I should have returned the product to the counter. I have used MAC in the past and I know they would have been more than willing to work with me in finding a different product. The eye liner was long lasting and certainly gave a dramatic eye effect, but I would not recommend it to anyone.


Brecksville, OH


Love MAC Fluidline


I have been using MAC Fluidline for few years and I love it! This is how I use this product every day :-) 1. Prepare a cotton swab or cotton cue tip (whatever you call it) 2. Use your finger and make the tip neat and tight 3. Put fluidliner on top of the cotton swab 4. Pull your eyelids up with your fingers and apply fluidline on inner part (don't do too close to your eye. just close part of your eyelash) 5. Appy eye shadow or whatever you use 6. Appy fluidline on your eyelids as usual 7. Done! It is super easy, but it really make your eyes look bigger and sexier! If you don't believe it, do it on one side of your eye and compare with your another eye. If you wear contact lens, just be careful not to do your inner line too close to your eyes because you will end up with black contact lens and you will suffer from pain all day long. Yes, I made that mistake before. I will strongly recommend to keep its lid tightly closed even while you are applying your makeups because it gets dried out easily.


Lawrence, KS


MAC Fluidline - All Shades

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