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Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

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Super soft mattress worth the price.


I am so pleased with this purchase. I needed a new mattress since I have lower back problems and researched somewhere that memory foam was the way to go. I found this mattress on sale and bought it off of Groupon and am so satisfied with my purchase. Fast shipping for my new mattress, easy and fast set up and the memory foam stays in place. I have had this mattress for over 2 years now and have no issues with it wearing down, or getting to lumpy or used in spots. This is the best purchase I have made in a while and I am so happy the meaty teas is comfortable and not too soft and not to hard. No need for a box spring but you could use one with it- I use it on a bed that doesn't have one and there are no issues. I would definitely recommend to others.

Philadelphia, PA


So nice and comfy!


I love this mattress. Always a good night sleep on this soft, smooth, memory foam.



Sleeping on clouds


I love my bed. It was my first memory foam bed for myself. I bought my children Bob-O-Pedic mattresses before, and slept on them so easily. They were far more comfortable than my mattress. I knew that when we moved and I bought a new much needed bed, I would treat myself. I was very fortunate that I found a great deal, and they now come rolled in boxes, so no need for heavy lifting upstairs. It expanded, and by the next day I just lay on it in pure shock that this was going to be my new sleep area. Lol, the kids were sneaking opportunities to cuddle, and my room is now the hangout spot. I can't feel when someone moves on the other side. It's firm, yet soft. I have arthritis, and sciatica in my back. Herniated discs, all kinds of problems. They of course have not been miraculously cured, but I can sleep better for sure. I feel the difference. My bed compared to the children's from Bob's is much nicer. Thicker, yet cooler. I used to be so hot when I slept, but now, not as much. I don't sweat at night. So I'm grateful for the foam. Thanks Lucid!

Springfield, MA


Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

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