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Logitech S510 Keyboard & Mouse

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Great product!


I have had this keyboard and mouse set for a few years now and don't have a single bad thing to say about it. This is the first wireless combination I've ever had and I'll never go back to all the wires. I've moved a few times and it's always been easy to take down and set back up. Both the keyboard and mouse easily find the signal, even when there's objects in the way. My keyboard sits lower than the receiver and still is able to pick up the signal with no problems. The battery life on both are good and I don't feel like I'm replacing batteris frequently at all. When the batteries are getting low both the keyboard and the mouse start to flash red and gives me plenty of time (a few days even) to get new batteries in there.

Eagle Pass, TX


Dependable keyboard and mouse


I've been using this wireless keyboard and mouse set daily for about five years now, and am just loving it.  The mouse and keyboard have a range of about 5-6 feet (keyboard can go a little further) and sensitivity is high on the mouse.  There have been random occasions when the keyboard does not register some keys while I am typing, but I don't know why that is.  Both are kept within 1 foot of the reciever that comes with it.  I particularly like the media control buttons found to the right of the keyboard- it makes it very easy for me to switch to the next track when I am playing music.  The included software provides additional functionality such as one key push to open Microsoft Office programs, but I don't use it and just use the drivers for it in Windows XP.  The keyboard can get difficult to clean though, as with other keybords too.  Battery life is quite decent and lasts several months- the keyboard uses 2 x AAA and the mouse uses 2 x AA.  Overall, not a bad set, especially for the price I paid.

San Francisco, CA


S510 Logitech Slimboard~


I have started using this keyboard about 4 years back from today and I still love it. It's really thin and lightweight. The keys are a little funny compared to other keyboards but that's why I bought it for it's Unique design~ It's a really simple keyboard for almost anything but there are some cons about this keyboard. You cant really go too far with this keyboard from it's wireless reciever. The mouse that it comes with is not really that useful or comfortable to use. So instead of using that I use my own wireless mouse; a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000. The music control buttons on the keyboard it'self is great! I dont have to move my hand to the mouse to change songs while I'm doing work, the only thing I wished this keyboard could have done was have a LED backlight. It would be great since it's so slim and light as to working at night. In conclusion if you want slim compact and wireless this is perfect to get for it does all of that and much more, I love logitech products so I might be getting the upgraded version of this keyboard the S520. Thanks for reading!

Brooklyn, NY


Logitech Keyboard and mouse combo S510 works well


Since we have our desktop (Vista) computer hooked up to our tv and surround system it was time to purchase a wireless keyboard and mouse combo last year.  I really liked the keyboard where a quarter of the board detached and became a wireless remote to control music with and had a LED screen; however, that was way too expensive :)  However, controlling music from a keyboard was an important feature to me for when I have my itunes playing and the tv is turned off. The battery life is both the mouse and keyboard last a good length time (in comparsion to my wireless logitech mouse that I use for my laptop the batteries need replaced every 3-4 months).  The keyboard is easy to type on and can be used up to 15+ feet away from the sensor bar (as long as there is nothing obscuring the communication path).  The mouse is comfortable and easy to use as well.  Typically we sit approx 7 feet away from the television screen when working on the computer using both the mouse and keyboard. Installation is the same standard song and dance as any other wireless mouse and keyboard.  In fact you cna just plug in and use without the installation disc; however, you won't get full functionality of the keyboard (i.e. music controls, and other quick launch buttons) Keyboard: - Battery size: AAA (2) - Wireless - RF USB receiver - Programmable/Multimedia button functions - Remote Conrol Features Mouse: - Battery size: AA (2) - Wireless - Scrolling/Tilt Wheel - Optical - RF USB receiver My only complaint is that the mouse is really basic without any additional function buttons.

Dunedin, FL


Logitech S510 Keyboard & Mouse

5.0 4