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Lock & Lock Cookplus Ceramic 10.2" Frying Pan

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it was a very good product and makes cooking very easier.


this product was very useful and it made cooking much easier to get done. I would definitely recommend this product to someone who is on a time schedule to get dinner done so i gladly rate this product a 10 and would happily spread the word to purchase this great deal of an item.






I purchased the Lock and Lock Cook Plus Ceramic 10.2 Inch Frying Psn a while back and have been absolutely in love with it ever since. This ceramic frying pan is the best frying pan I have ever owned in my whole forty years of life. First and foremost this is the only truly nonstick pan ever made. Not only is it nonstick you do not even have to use cooking spray or Pam. The next thing about the Lock and Lock Cook Plus Ceramic 10.2 Inch Frying Pan is that it is super easy to wash and it does not wear and tear. I love to get up and cook breakfast whether it is scrambled eggs or French toast you just rinse and wipe it out and it is good as new. I have been using it three or four times a week for months and it is still just like brand new. You will love this frying pan. I can not believe how truly awesome ceramic pans are. I will never go back to any other kind. I would definitely recommend the Lock and Lock Cook Plus 10.2 Inch Ceramic Frying Pan to all of my family and friends. Do not put off buying ceramic cookware for any longer.




Revolutionary non-stick ceramic frying pan


I have become a major fan of Lock & Lock products. The company, which was established in 1978, has grown into a global company that exports its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Originally known for its storage containers, the company has expanded recently to cookware. I received a 10.2" frying pan from the company the other day to test out. I am a gourmet cook who is always looking for cookware that can withstand daily service and maintain its non-stick capabilities. I think I may have found my newest favorite. The aluminum frying pan is coated with an eco-friendly ceramic coating that is truly non-stick. The pan is fairly weighty for an aluminum pan so you don't have to worry about it warping during use. The ceramic coating is zero PFOA and is non-toxic. It is also scratch and heat resistant although I would recommend using non-metal utensils to preserve the non-stick coating. You can use the frying pan like any other. I typically add a little oil to my pan before saut?ing or browning my ingredient. I have a semi-commercial gas cooktop but you can use the pan on electric and halogen burners. The only drawback for me is the color. My pan is yellow. Lock & Lock products are also available in red, green and blue, so you select the one that is right for you. Lock & Lock is always running sales so you will never pay full price.


Moorestown, NJ


Lock & Lock Cookplus Ceramic 10.2" Frying Pan

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