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Lock&Lock Boroseal Glass Pan

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So amazing


I absolutely love this Lock & Lock Boroseal Glass Pan. It's so easy to clean, durable, and can hold a decent amount of food. It's also very easy to hold. The best thing about this pan is that food doesn't stick very bad. It makes it very manageable and my favorite pan.



Great for both oven and microwave!


I recently received two Lock & Lock's Boroseal, Borosilicate Glass Pans. The cookware is oven and microwave safe with built on silicone handles. The pan holds 4.6 cups. Tonight for dinner, I made stuffed peppers and decided to make a cucumber salad to go with it. I used my Lock & Lock Pan to prepare the dish (see attached photo) and served it at the table right in the same pan. Even though my dish was cold, the silicone handles were extremely easy to grip. The dish also looks good enough to place on the table without transferring it to another dish. For me that's great, less washing up! I would recommend anyone interested in new glass pans to check out the Lock & Lock. They are available on the website at www.locknlockplace.com I am planning on using this baking pan for multiple purposes. I especially like the handles. As I mentioned before since this dish can go straight from the refrigerator to the microwave and the silicone handles make it very easy to move from one location to another. Some of my pans have round edges or squared edges that can be hard to grip. With the built in handles on the Lock & Lock, just use your potholders when removing it from the oven or microwave and you can easily grip the dish with ease.

Moorestown, NJ


Lock&Lock Boroseal Glass Pan

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