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Little Tikes
Little Tikes Indoor outdoor slide

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Need something else


The very first time I had come into contact with the Little Tikes Play Slide was at my child's friend's house. Shortly after that, I bought one and had it for little more than 3 days before I took it back. It couldn't possibly have been easier to put together. It was small, easy to fold and relatively maneuverable as well. There just wasn't very much fun in the thing. It doesn't really have that easy to slide down feeling. Also, it made me feel like the dog that chases it's tail. Such a tiny little circle to go down the - what seemed like anyway, two foot slide and then back around two steps and so fourth for an hour at a time. It would definitely need to be paired with other parts to make it worthwhile. But, because of it's price, it's overall appeal went way down. Mainly, it was the combination of the price and overall enjoyment or, a lack there of. I would only recommend it as an add on.



Most kids love to slide


I purchased a little tike slide at a garage sale 21 years ago.Later when my son was born I bought another one,just a differant size.I still have these little tike slides.I keep them at my mothers house so the grandkids and great grandkids can play with them.They are light weight enough that my mother can pull them out for the babies.Yet they are durable.You can leave them outside and not worry that it will get damaged.I love to watch them slide down and can't wait to go around and do it again.No stickers to worry  about.Stays together.Very good toy.one piece.Really good for toddlers.hours of fun.Nice toy to have when mom is out working in the garden.I cleaned them with dish soap and rinsed them off with the garden hose.Little tike slides are a must have if you want easy cleanig,safe,and something you can pass down to other kids.I would recommend it to my friends and they are not expensive.

Lacygne, KS


Buy it it is strong, fun, and durable!


My son got a Little Tykes slide when he was about one.  He played on it inside and outside.  He even used it as a water slide into a little baby bath tub!  My mother moved it to her house where other children played on it when they would visit until my sister built her house seven six years after we first got it.  My sister's two son's gave the slide a beating for a few years, as well as the visitors who would drop over to play.  My daughter was born when my son was 12 years old.  When she was a few months old I saw the old slide sitting ther being lonley in my sister's back yard it was rarely used since her boys had a bigger slide to play on.  We cleaned it up so it could be an indoor slide once more.  My daughter played on it until she was at least two years old.  She loved the slide just as much as all of the other children who had played on it for so many years.  The slide had finally been abused too much.  About 13 years after being purchased, I decided to throw it out.  This slide impressed me very much, and leads me to believe that all Little Tykes toys are worth the money.  Go Little Tykes!!

Saucier, MS


Little Tikes Indoor outdoor slide

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