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Lipton - Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Flavor

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Awesome Flavor for Lipton!


The Lipton - Green Tea with Mandarin Orange is always in our cabinet. This is my wife's favorite tea to drink. I really like the mandarin orange flavor mixed with the benefits of the green tea itself. Overall a great flavor combination these two make.



quality tea in Lipton


The past few weeks I tried to eat all them natural foods, exclude sugars and all that. And so, to help my body, I wanted to try drinking green tea with regularity,so I tried the Lipton pyramid tea bags. It's awesome. The taste is great, the smell is great, it has nothing artificial in it. It might be more pricey than other store brands, but it's quality and so I think it's worth the money! My digestion just improved with the help of Lipton's green tea.

Spring, TX


Smells great, but the flavor is a little disappointing


I have to say that I am from a british background so hot tea is my thing. When I saw the box of Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange flavor, I was sucked in. The box opens really neatly and I had never used a pyramid tea bag. The tea bag was not just a pyramid, but was made out of a nylon type feeling bag. The actual tea is long leaved and had small pieces of fruit much like the expensive teas you buy at Teavana. I was so excited! I dunked the bag in the boiling water and because I like my tea strong, I left it double the amount of time. I added a splash of splenda as well. The smell of the tea got me really excited because it smelled so fresh and fruity...then bam, disappointment. The flavor of the tea is so sutle that I thought I did something wrong. I could taste the green tea and orange flavor but not even close to what I would like. So, I would only recommend this tea to someone who likes weak flavors and almost more of a watered down flavor. If Lipton would make it 3 times stronger, I would like on this stuff!

Buford, GA


If you don't like the taste of green tea you will enjoy this one


I use to be a huge coffee drinker.  I have since tried to switch out my coffee with tea.  I like tea, all kinds and didn't really think the tent tea bag would make a real difference.  I was wrong.  With the tent tea bag you get a better flavor.  You can actually see bigger pieces of the herbs, fruit and other natural items in the tea. The Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Lipton smells great and tastes better.  It is very relaxing and soothing.  It tastes more citrus than green tea so if you do not like the taste/bitterness of green tea don't worry.  You will like this one.  In addition to the flavor and fragrance you will be getting 80mg of antioxidants per serving.  Another bonus is that if you go to Lipton's website you can find coupons for this and other teas.  I have purchased this tea many times for nearly nothing.  I wait until they go on sale, use the coupon(s).  If you buy it without coupons or sale prices, the price is comparable to other teas. Enjoy!

Olympia, WA


I'm a sucker for marketing and the pyramid tea bag is so cool!


What can I say?  I am a sucker for marketing.  Creative packaging or new concepts just pull me right in like a magnetic force.  When I saw the new Lipton tea with pyramid shaped tea bags, I just had to buy them! I bought the **Lipton Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Flavor **because I try to stick to green tea for it's health benefits.  The creators of this new box of tea need a pay raise for their ingenious idea of 1) using long-leaf tea, 2) adding real pieces of fruit to the tea bag and 3) creating a pyramid shaped tea bag to let the ingredients infuse. When I excitedly opened my new box of tea, I saw that the pyramid tea bag was made out of a fine mesh instead of the traditional materials tea bags are made of.  You can see the little pieces of real fruit in the tea bag along with the long-leaf tea.  It already looks like something I have never seen before and I am so excited to drop it into my mug of boiling water. As soon as I dropped the tea bag in the mug, you could instantly smell the aroma of refreshing mandarin oranges.  When I took my first sip, I was slightly disappointed that the tea didn't taste as strong as it smelled.  I was expecting a burst of orange in my mouth because that is what it smelled like, but no, it was a mild mandarin orange flavor.  When you remove the pyramid tea bag you can see that the contents of the tea bag have tripled in size.  Everything puffed up and completely filled the inside of the tea bag.  Even though the flavor was not as strong as I wanted, it was still a great cup of tea. **Ingredients**: green tea, dried pieces of apricot, peach and mango, modified corn starch, natural flavor, sugar One box includes 20 pyramid tea bags.  Lipton pyramid tea bags also come in these exciting flavors: - White Tea with Blueberry & Pomegranate - Tuscan Lemon Black Tea - Bavarian Wild Berry Black Tea - Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea - Red Tea with Strawberry & Passion fruit - White Tea with Island Mango & Peach - Bedtime Story Herbal Tea - Black Pearl Black Tea **The Scoop!** I have never before seen sugar as an ingredient in a tea bag, so that was slightly disappointing, but the tea was great overall.  I only gave it 4 stars because the smell of the tea was so fantastic, I was kind of disappointed when it didn't taste as flavorful as it smelled.  Had I not experienced such a great aroma while steeping, I probably wouldn't have had such high expectations and thus given it 5 stars.  I will definitely buy this tea again.

Camp Lejeune, NC


Lipton - Green Tea with Mandarin Orange Flavor

4.6 5