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Linksys Wireless-N Router

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Wireles convience with hard wire speed.


Then there was the injured Craig.  He will not be able to work on the sort aisle with stitches in his hand and so we are going to use him a lot as a clerk.  But Red told him, and Red was kind of premed student but he said that Craig was a couple of millimeters away from loosing control to his hand.  And he is going to get us some of those pumpkin knives that do not cut skin because Keven, Dave, Chris and now Craig have all had cutting issues as clerks.     I was responding to a leaking package today and I notices that someone put the package outside the trailer and then the trailer got pulled.  So this leaking package leaked out of the building and into a water drain!  And then a second trailer got pulled on top of it.  And I saw that the item that was leaking was an iodine solution to rub on wounds.  Since this is applied to people and then washed off in showers I knew that it could go into a drain.  But it does not like to just throw things in a drain and so we got to wake up Ron and tell him about this.  Like I thought it was not a big deal but he was glad to know.  The lesson is to not pull leaking packages out of trailers.


Salt Lake City, UT


Linksys wireless N router sucks


I had to return this product the same day that I bought it. I have a palm and wanted to connect to the internet wirelessly.  I bought this product first and my palm couldn't find it unless I was sitting right next to the router.  It said I could have a range of somewhere outside my house. Not true at all. I don't recommend this product to anyone.  I went with Belkin which is a little better.


Mifflinville, PA


Linksys Wireless-N Router

3.0 2