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Linksys Router

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Easy to install and use Linksys WUSB600N


This little USB gadget is one of the finest inventions for setting up and using computer networks. It couldn't be simpler to use with just any Linksys wireless router. It looks like a thumb drive - very small and compact. It takes up less than a couple of square inches on your desktop. It has no moving parts, so require no maintenance, and no replacement. Just plug it into a USB port and your operating system will usually automatically set up a network for you. I have my wife and daughter on our network using two of these. Perfectly legal and saves lots of money. Pay for ONE ISP and three of us can use the internet all at the same time. It's fabulous, and it'svery affordable. Available just about anywhere at retail stores or on the web, including eBay, at very reasonable prices. I can't say enough positive things about this little gadget. The only caviat is that ostensibly someone with ulterior motives outside your computer area could intercept signals. This could be a potential problem when using your computer for financial transactions or other sensitive work. Linksys is a very reputable company with that makes top-rated computer equipment. I don't believe you can go wrong using this piece of equipment. I strongly recommend this item to anyone who wants to set up a small computer network.

Malta, OH


A Family that's Linked


Coming from the old school of long wired networking cable running just about everywhere, it is absolutely mind blowing to be able to not only network without wires, but to do so with such a tiny USB router.  The signals are very strong, even in our multi level house.  Computers can be moved around without being concerning about dead zones

Richmond, VA


Linksys Router

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